KTM launches new avatar of Duke 390. No doubt, it was very special and much-awaited launching. KTM offers their fans one more reason to love KTM bikes, Duke 250 surprisingly launched at the same launching event of Duke 390. Some days ago a rumor was on heat, that Duke 250 and RC 250 will not launch in India. But KTM does, and believe it looks very aggressive and promising.

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You can read here about newly launched 2017 KTM Duke 390 and its technical review. In this article, we will discuss what you’ll get new on 2017 KTM Duke 390.

10 Features: New in KTM Duke 390


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There are many changes made in new Duke 390 visually and mechanically but we enlist 10 most important changes, which are:

1: Ride-by-Wire

2017-KTM-Duke-390-ride by wire

Ride-by-wire will help to reduce throttle response timing and enhance its smoothness. In many users reviews, users were saying that Duke power delivery is actually unrefined. They were the fan of its aggressive nature but power delivery was unrefined. KTM now uses Ride-by-wire throttle to sort it out.

Now Duke’s throttle can response faster and smoother than before with controlled power delivery. Now 2017 Duke 390 is more aggressive and safe.

2: LED Headlamps


Everyone knows new Duke 390 is inspired by super Duke 1290. Same with its headlamp. In this headlamp, KTM uses 20 LEDs for better visibility and illumination in nights.

Most important and iconic feature of new Duke 390 is its split headlamp. It really looks superb and will compliant with AHO due to strict BS IV norms. Some are worried about their battery, that if Headlamp will always on then battery consumption will high. But KTM announces that this new headlamp will consume less battery and negligible at the day time.

3: TFT Display

KTM-DUKE-tft console-autoretina

Yes, color TFT display has replaced the conventional KTM digital console. Technically this is a large scale change and first of its kind in India, especially at this price tag. New TFT display console is easier to read and it will change its color when you’ll touch the rev. limit.

Very first time you can connect your smartphone with your Duke 390 by the help of MY RIDE feature via Bluetooth. You can connect your phone and can easily change music during riding without touch your phone. Also, can know who is calling you and you will have an option for accept or reject that call.

During riding, you don’t have to leave handle to touch or operate you color screen console. Switches are available on left side of the handlebar for an operation like pick up the call or change the music, like that.

4: Side-Slung Exhaust


Made of lightweight Aluminium and increase the aggressive behavior by looks. KTM claims that it will centralize bike mass very effectively and because this bike is BS IV compliant emission will less harmful than earlier.

Somehow it changes bike exhaust sound too, and makes it more ear pleasing.

5: Split Frame

New Duke 390 is not made on same old Duke 390’s frame. KTM uses a new lightweight Split frame for new Duke 390 and unlike previous time we can see this naked bike in dual-color tone and bolted on the subframe.

Equally responsive and increase its agility. Performance is always the identity of KTM bikes and again KTM discovered the performance oriented frame.

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These are not the end of features which are new in 2017 KTM Duke 390. There are 5 more features which are new in Duke 390. Those are:

6: Adjustable Levers

duke 390-adjustable levers

New Duke 390 will equip with the adjustable levers and now rider will free to set lever according to their reliability. Now Levers can adjust according to different hand sizes and gloves thickness. It will help riders to reduce stress on hands. In long rides, somes times it becomes very difficult to operate hard levers or levers with which you are not comfortable. In new Duke 390 this problem is sorted out.

7: Open Cartridge USD Suspension

Duke 390 suspension-autoretina

This time KTM uses open cartridge Upside down suspension, which are height adjustable. It will help riders to adjust suspension according to their comfortability. In previous Duke, leakage problem was noticed from suspension, which is sorted out in this new avatar.
KTM claims that this new suspension will improve its ride quality and make more stable on road.

8: Slipper Clutch

Slipper_Clutch-duke 390

In recent launch of RC 390, which is also equipped with the slipper clutch and got very good response from reviewers all over the world. Same like RC 390, Duke 390 is also equipped with the slipper clutch. Slipper clutch will make gear shifting more smoother than before on Duke.

9: Bigger Brakes

Duke 390 brakes

Now Duke 390 will come with bigger front disc brakes (320 mm). It will capable of stopping the bike very effectively with more balanced manner. In older version front disc was of 300 mm, but this time KTM decide to increase it by 20 mm.

10: More Features which are new in KTM Duke 390

Bigger Fuel Tank

This time KTM pushes its range too by increasing fuel tank capacity. Now Duke 390 can contain 13.5 Ltrs. of fuel and can travel approx 500 kms. in one go.

UV Resistant Paint

This time Duke 390 is painted from UV resistant paint, which means long time contact with sunlight will not fade your bike color. This is very good visual improvisation, which will really helpful, and good maintained old bikes will also shine like new.

Wider Rear-view Mirror

This is the department where the room was for improvement and KTM does it very well. Same as RC 390, Duke 390 will also now equipped with wider rear view mirror. Old Duke owners were complaining about this and KTM take them seriously and this time hopefully new customers will not complain about these.

These were just a glance of What’s new in KTM Duke 390, there are many more new and old features which are enough to rule your heart and dominate the road too at the same time.