“Apache RTR 200”  the biggest boom in Indian 2-wheeler market by TVS till yet. Doesn’t take much time to create its domain, even selling figures was higher than expectation. But now after some time approx 1 yr., we have some kind of problems of Apache RTR 200.

Don’t forget to share your problems or solutions(if you have).

Problems of Apache RTR 200

We have top listed 5 of them. they are:

  • Engine Noise
  • Gear Shifting Problem
  • Vibration
  • Mileage


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Engine Noise

One of the most famous and most likable exhaust noise is of Apache series. Furthermore, exhaust noise by Apache 200 RTR was and is also liked by engine enthusiasts. But, there is a problem comes into light related to famous exhaust sound.

Many buyers complaining like they feel “exhaust noise is changed drastically“.OR “exhaust sound is not as like new, only after 6 months.”

So, what’s the reason and solution

Most probably every time service centers don’t explain a reason for the problem. This could not be counted as a serious problem because every time it goes after servicing.

There is a reason may responsible for the same.

Carburettor Variant  Mostly this problem persists in carburetor variant of Apache 200 RTR. Because in this variant fuel gets mixed with air in the carburetor and then supplied to the engine. In regular use, cause of polluted air a layer of scum formed on the wall of the carburetor affect its working.

There is no any authorized explanation on this problem. But if this will continue then it will be a huge negative impact on Apache fans. Apache 160 and 180 have negligible exhaust noise complaint in comparison to RTR 200.

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Gear Shifting Problem

Nobody knows, why this shit is happening with new RTR 200. But this also an emerging problem with this lovely bike. Apache lovers can encounter exhaust noise problem but what about this.

Gear shifting problem is really frustrating for every rider, especially in the cities. You are rushed to your office, what will make you angry? Obviously, street lights. Green light signal and you accelerate, and how you’ll feel if your bike will restrict you to switch gears.

There is one more related to gear shifting is, “Bike is showing Neutral, while it is in 1st or 2nd gear”.

This one will make you think you twice at the time of parking. Absolutely you can use kill switch to shut your bike down, but a problem is problem.

As like previous one, this problem will also go away after servicing.

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This problem occurs less in comparison of above two, but this also was not expected in RTR 200. This one is also one in the list of Problems of Apache RTR 200.

Apache bikes are well known for its comfort and smooth ride quality. Vibration can generate on higher speed, Afterall it’s only 200 cc bike and lighter in weight.

But this can be considered as a problem if vibration occurs at the speed of 60-80 in 200cc motorcycle. 135 kmph is top speed claimed by the manufacturer, then at least till 90 kmph we can expect a smooth ride.

The interesting thing is bike deliver also smooth rideability, even till 105 kmph. This problem only exists with some customer. Generally, this problem found on bikes which are ridden very harshly.

Generally, this problem found on bikes which are ridden very harshly. If any bike will be pushed beyond their boundaries than vibration is very normal and very first problem. But many riders claiming that they ride their RTR gently but this problem also happening with them.

Apache RTR 160 and 180 owners are very lucky and satisfied comparison with RTR 200 customers.


According to its performance, this bike already didn’t deliver great mileage. 35 kmpl can’t say great, yes it can say good. But mileage is also one of the “problems of RTR 200”, there is really huge no. of owners who are claiming that their bikes delivering 30-32 kmpl, some of them are getting worse then this, 25-30 kmpl.

As like all others, this will also clear out after servicing.

Undoubtedly, TVS produce great bikes under Apache series and has a great fan following. RTR 160 and 180 was the most successful bikes by TVS and was expected the same kind of behavior on road and in selling figures from RTR 200 too. But these problems can change the mindset of buyers about Apache and make them think again before heading to showrooms.

TVS have to encounter these problems of Apache RTR 200 from their most powerful and loveable bike.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, problems, and solutions (if you have).