Have you remember the era of Hero Honda Splendor. Yes, I’m talking about the days when 100 was approx top speed and bikes were not design to handle that too. Now-a-days we are featured with a lot of safety features and more secure than that era. Today we are more educated in terms of engine, technology, and safety. So, what we were going through in last 15 years that pushes us here at more knowledgeable, more qualified driver, more secured and at an unimaginable level of enthusiasm for racing or motor sports.

What’s your factor for enthusiasm, tell us. Is there any other factors too other than this? Share with us.

Motivating Factors

no limit-motivational

I enlist these 5 factors which push or motivates us to break the boundaries and set new limits.

I’ll start with the most powerful factor and out of the box movies till yet in Bollywood. Yes, you guess right…




This was the milestone for Bollywood for its kind of movies. Great concept and acting set a level for bike enthusiast which is unbreakable till now. Even the same production release 2 more movies under the Dhoom brand ‘Dhoom 2’ and ‘Dhoom 3’, they business more and earn more bucks then the first one but enthusiasm level is still unbreakable. Just like ‘Sholay’ in classical film and ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ in the romantic category.

Most strange thing with this movie was that its known for fast bikes and negative role actors John Abraham. John leaves a heavy impression on viewers and creates a huge fan following. Mr. Abraham is known for his love for sports engine and his fitness.

Dhoom was the first film by Bollywood which was originated around sports bikes. 70% of Indian youth was thinking that 140 bikes only can be ridden outside India. Dhoom gives them a hope that it also can happen in India. We also can create a community for bike lovers and man can ride a bike on 250, the only condition was the safety gears and enough powered beautiful machines.

There are many more movies in list for engine enthusiast like Torque, Fast and Furious, Need for speed etc.

Pulsar Stuntmania

pulsar stuntmania-autoretina

After some month of Dhoom, Bajaj releases its first bike of Pulsar series with tagline first sports bike of India. It approx took very few time to be popular. It was actually very good time to pinch the sports nerve of Indian Youth.

Bajaj continuously improves Pulsar series and being most popular bike very soon. Bajaj Pulsar and MTV starts a show called ‘Pulsar Stuntmania’. Bikes were the another thing even this show goes viral and first of its kind of show in India.

We can think about its popularity that MTV makes the another sequel called ‘Pulsar Stuntmania Underground’. These 2 shows reveal the capacity of Pulsars and show the world that in India we too have awesome stunt ability.

Blogging and Automotive Journal


Bloggers always touch that part which remains untouched by mainstream media. Even now mainstream media doesn’t take the automotive world that much seriously. But bloggers have known its potential and youth enthusiasm. Bloggers have done a great job or you can say contribution in educating people about engines and technology.

15 yrs. ago people were deciding bike by only top speed, looks and ‘Kitna deti hai?’ Now scene is changed totally, people care about ‘bhp‘, ‘torque‘, engine technology, 0-60, 0-100 and much more. Now bloggers have educated people enough to compare bikes exactly for their use.

Bloggers also always share advice on maintenance and vehicle caring tips which are really helpful and buck saving for million of peoples.

Live Stunt Shows

KTM live stunt show-autoretina

Live stunt shown generally organized by manufacturers in college campus, because stunts are mainly focused and structured for youths. Nobody can question its success, many companies organized it to show the potential of their bikes. Whether it is Pulsar, KTM or Yamaha, all of them participate in this marketing strategy.

Budha International Circuit, Noida

Buddh International Circuit-autoretina

Budha International Circuit (BIC), Noida is first and only F1 track in India. 2 F1 races have been organized here and 1 Moto GP was planned but cause of some legal circumstances it never happened. It also explore the potential and enthusiasm in India. Success of BIC proves in world that “India will not tolerate the tagline of , ‘Slow Country’, not anymore.”

BIC generates interest in Motorsport much faster than earlier, now Indian Youth follow World rally championship, Dakar Rally, Moto GP and F1 circuit championships. It’s just like push the enthusiasm level on the next level.

Now BIC is not organizing any international, but many events happening here like Launch Event, Test drives etc.


What’s your factor for enthusiasm, tell us. Is there any other factors too other than this? Share with us.