Before start your ride planning is the most important thing but, when you are riding you need to take care of your own too. Your safety should be your first priority. Because this is very frequently found that, in long rides, riders lost their lives just because of silly mistakes and this mistakes are generally happening cause of tired and boring long rides. Unfortunately, there is no way to short your ride then it will good that you should prepare yourself for long rides and keep yourself refreshed and focused on road. It is found that 20% of all accident happen because of fatigue.

If you are not familiar with this term (fatigue), then you can ask what is fatigue and how it responsible for this much accidents.


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Fatigue is a state of body and mind, in which our senses and body part becomes slow and late responsive. In this state of mind we take more time than normal to decide and react. On road, this slow response and reaction proves very costly and becomes a major reason for road accidents. Fatigue is not only dangerous for you and your vehicle, maximum times other one also have to pay for it. In maximum condition it’s found that the driver or rider who is in fatigue, collide with other or fall on road in front of the other vehicle (In case of bikes). Once an US highway patrolling police officer states that bike rider was in sleep but his bike covers some miles on road before he falls. Now you can assume that how much dangerous is this fatigue.


Generally, this happens with the car or truck drivers on long trips. Because their cabin is comfortable and long drives can make them bore and feel sleepy. The best way to make distance from fatigue condition is be active and busy. Only focusing on road and solo driving is the main reason behind this.

There is some tips and advice which will help you to keep yourself focused on Road and avoid fatigue.

Get properly Geared


First thing comes first. Before press ignition you should properly have geared and your gears should be International Standardize. After all, precaution is better than cure.


Have Light Food


Experts says that having heavy food just before ride will lead you to feel drowsy and can slacken your senses. Avoid heavy food just before ride and you should not include any kind of alcohol and cigarettes also in your light food. You can have some caffeinated drinks if you feel drowsy in mid of ride also, try to avoid the cigarettes as much as you can.

Many Nutrition experts believe that having some snacks in time intervals during the ride is helpful to feel refreshed. Snacks like protein bar, biscuits and fruits are very good and refreshing alternative of heavy food. Sometimes chew a piece of chewing gum or candy also help you to be focused on road.


Start Early


You should start your journey very early morning, 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM will be the best time to start. Because time you will feel refreshed yourself and don’t have to worry about unwanted traffic. But it doesn’t mean that you should not have proper sleep and start very early than your usual awake timing. You should have adequate sleep and start early but according to your convenience.


Make rest time also in your Trip Schedule


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You don’t need to go very long in one breath, you should at least have a 10-minute break after every 2 hr. of journey or you can take more frequent brake, depend upon your comfortability. Every rider or driver should know his/her limits and prepare their plan according to them. Brakes on regular intervals and stretching or light exercise can help you a lot and can improve your riding/driving quality till your next brake.

Drink Water


Long drive/ride and wind on face, both can make you dehydrate. And dehydration can make your senses slow and lazy. Dehydrate body also feels confused in making decision and feels uneasy. All this problem can solve only by drinking water on regular intervals and best way is to have some sip of water on every break.

Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes


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Don’t be tensed, talking only for at the time of driving/riding or trip, after completing the trip obviously, you can have some of your favorite brands. But always avoid alcohol, cigarettes and anything which can affect your senses even on rest timing. Try to avoid cigarettes even on rest time, this can decrease you ride/drive quality. Mix up drink and drive can harm you physically and financially both in form of fine.

Listen or Sing a Song


Don’t worry if you only sings in bathroom, there is no one to judge you. You’ll do it for yourself and your safety too, generally it is not advisable that you should plug in your earphone and listen music but it can save you to become bore from drive/ride. In general condition exhaust sound, engine noise and wind noise for long time can feel very unpleasant for ear and want to listen some pleasant sound, then you can listen some of your favourite music but they should be loud and energetic. Romantic or mediation music is not advisable on these conditions and enjoy the songs or music, sing the same song is also a very effective way to keep yourself energetic and active. So listen or sing a song in proper manner on long ride or drive also can help you to increase you ride/drive quality.

Stay awake

There is some way also by with the help of which you can stay awake and focused yourself.

  • Pace or speed

    Changing the speed and gears will make you concentrate on road and bike. You should constantly change your speed and gears, it is also not advisable that follow a vehicle for a long time, if a vehicle is running in front of you for a long time then it may be possible that your target and focus will shift from road to that vehicle. So keep passing and give way for passing, It also a very good and effective way to keep you alert and active.

  • Snacks

    Eating snacks continuously and very slowly is also a very good and effective way to keep yourself stay awake. Many drivers like sunflower seed, because it’s tasty and doesn’t let drivers sleep. You can select your favourite snacks and can carry some pouches of them in your trip.

  • Chewing

    Have some chewing gum or jellies also will not let you sleep and this is also very good time pass and helpful to push you focus on the road.

  • High Caffeinated drinks 

    Black coffee like high caffeine drinks also very helpful to bring back you to track from sleepy feeling and push you to stay awake for sometimes. 95% people found it really helpful and using it worldwide.

  • Talk to other

    If you are not alone on drive then you should talk to each other continuously. By this way you can enjoy the drive and it help you to focus on road also. Loud music and enjoy that music will also helpful you to stay awake and make the drive memorable.

  • Use your electronic devices

    If you are alone on the drive then it really become a difficult task to stay alert and enjoy the music even. In this case there is no one also to talk and have fun. But now-a-days no one leave their place without being equipped with their electronic devices like mobile phone, watches and others. You can use that devices to remind you the time, schedule, rest timing and other. B y this way in a manner they will disturb you continuously and keep you awake and help you to stick on you schedule plan.

Drive with Target Fixation 


Target fixation is a kind of driving style in which driver focused only on that part of road on which he has to drive/ride the vehicle. Because according to study our hand on steering automatically steer towards our eyes direction. So, if looking on the obstacle on the road then, there is possibility that you will steer the vehicle toward that obstacle. If you see any kind of obstacle on road, then try to avoid that obstacle from your eyesight and try to focus on that part of road on which you have to drive your vehicle.