Hi, AutoRetina.com is not just a blog or website where you got information about vehicles. AutoRetina always use to work on the aspects which are resourceful or very useful to enhance the knowledge about the vehicles whether it could be 2-3-4 wheeler domestic and personal use vehicle or a 10 wheeler commercial vehicle. Everyone who loves the noise of ignited engine or user of bikes or/and cars and even user of public transport (except trains and flights) should educate about vehicles. Now cars and bikes especially are the essential part of our life, so team AutoRetina believes that if you got educated enough on the topic like Meditation, Yoga and Exercise for being healthy then why shouldn’t you educate about vehicles to keep your transport healthy.

About Me


Prashant Kumar


A Petrol Head Mechanical Engineer. Founder and Editor of AutoRetina, passionate for bike riding and photography. I love to pass my time behind the wheel and explore the road, my photography skills help me to have some incredible memories. It’s always amazing to meet new people, feel different culture and have some amazing food. I feel myself comfortable on Driver’s seat more than my Bedroom and want a very very long drive on earth in my favorite machine Nissan GTR.