Bajaj Dominar Kratos Motorcycle


Just after the launch of Pulsar RS 200, Bajaj customers and pulsar fans are eagerly waiting for the next flagship model. This 400cc bike could be that one, but rumours and difficulties also run parallel with the development of this model. At the early stage it was known as the name Pulsar CS 400 but after some time another new name comes into existence for this one, that was the Bajaj Kratos and now some rumours are also in market that its new name is Bajaj Dominar.

But the most interesting part is that Bajaj has not revealed the official name for this model till yet. This 400 cc bike is assembled and the first batch is also has been rolled out into the Bajaj Chakan Plant and importance of batch is that, it was totally assembled by woman workforce. The first batch has been rolled out on 18th Nov. 2016 and it is expected to reach showrooms soon and to be unleashed next and last month of 2016.


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Same engine will power this 400cc bike which powers the KTM Duke 390. This is a 373.2cc engine and will produce approx 35 bhp @ 8000 RPM and 32Nm of torque at 7000 RPM. This engine will feature with fuel injection, liquid-cooling and Bajaj’s very own DTSi (Digital Triple Spark Ignition) technology. While the same engine produces 43 bhp @ 9500 RPM and 35 Nm of torque @7250 RPM in KTM Duke 390, the exact specification will reveal at the launch event. Very high possibility that this bike will comes with 6 speed gearbox for great ride quality. This bike will have the very first full digital instrument cluster by Bajaj as shown in auto show 2014. Bajaj can equip this bike with dual channel ABS as optional and single channel ABS as standard.

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At the initial Stage it was known as Pulsar CS 400, then it comes to Pulsar VS 400 then Bajaj Kratos and it may be the Bajaj Dominar, the final name will revel by Bajaj at the launch event may be. This much of rumours and the delay in launching the bike may be the marketing stunt, but Bajaj’s strategy clearly Indicates that they don’t want to be the competitor now they want to be the market leader. Bajaj V15 already wrote its success history, new Avenger series also hit the high of selling figures, by RS 200 they’ve entered into full fairing sports bike section and now undoubtedly this new 400 cc Tourer bike will make strong it’s market presence. Bajaj always got criticised for its poor build quality and bit lower performance bikes, and Bajaj always claims that they provide the practical machine in affordable price range. It will nice to see how this bike will perform in terms of performance because if this is a tourer edition then its main rivalry brand will Royal Enfield. Will this bike name a decade as the Pulsar?

There are many more questions which are unanswered and will answer on 15th December 2016, at the launching event. Stay tuned with Autoretina for more updates.

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