On the internet nowadays a story is spreading rapidly, especially in the bikers community. And this story making a name very friendly unwillingly, ‘Mayank Sharma’. Mayank Sharma was actually a proud owner of  Bajaj Dominar, but an incident of the day before yesterday makes him frustrating. Actually, I request you to first explore the both side of the story and then reach to any conclusion.

Story According to Mayank Sharma


First, we will tell you the Mayank’s side. A published article in Rushlane.com draft the story from Mayank’s eye. According to that article “Mayank Sharma, he was at a speed of about 40 kmph when the incident happened. He road ahead from a red signal, and was travelling straight. Due to rains, a pothole was filled with water. Being dark, Mayank failed to notice the pothole, and did not apply brakes.

All Mayank felt at that time was a thud. Like his bike just sat in that pothole. He did not fall off the bike, as he was not at a high speed he says. His back was hurt due to the sudden thud. The bike too had not fallen. Just that it had gone down. In that darkness, Mayank did not realize what had happened to his bike. It took some time. But when he got off the bike and saw what had happened, he was left perplexed. The rear monoshock of his Bajaj Dominar had buckled under pressure, it had broken.”

After all, Mayank decides to park his bike to his friend’s home nearby. Next day he contacted to Bajaj Service Center and they instruct him to take his bike to the service centre. Somehow he managed to deliver his bike to the service centre by a tempo.

Drama At Bajaj Service Centre


The person from Bajaj Service Centre ask him to come next day, they say some senior will inspect the bike. Another day he got a call from Bajaj Service Centre and they were saying that bike’s rear monoshock had broken, both alloys had cracks, and air filter was damaged. This was actually a stunned moment for Mayank. Because according to him when he parked the bike in service centre then both alloys were fine perfectly. The person on phone was continuing from another side and told him that total expense will about INR 13K. They advise him to claim insurance to get his bike repair for free. But Mayank was just denied them and ask them to repair his Dominar under warranty. ‘It’s not possible’ he got in reply.

This is the story we know by Mayank. But we have to listen to both sides before making any conclusion in our mind.

What Bajaj Service Centre has to say

Why that Dominar couldn’t repair under warranty? Why are they asking Mayank to claim his insurance?

These are some question which is needed to be answered, and these answer only Bajaj Service Centre can give us.

According to Bajaj Service Centre Guy, the bike was not on 40 kmph, first of all. And the second thing what they got in the inspection that bike was not used idly. They strongly believe that bike is abused by owner and bike condition reveals it. This is the main reason why they can’t fix it under warranty. They are saying that this much of fix only needed in the bike when that is abused very roughly. Dominar is well designed and entry segment tourer bike and breaking of monoshock suspensions, cracks in alloys and damaging of air filter cause of just 1 path hole is impossible.

Actually, they are correct too. Even Discover will not face this much of breaking cause of just 1 path hole at the speed of 40 kmph.

Bike is still on stand in Bajaj Service Centre. Now we will have to wait for more updates on this. Whatever reason is behind this but this much of repair needed in bike of approx 1.8 lakh in just 2.5 months is really pointing finger towards Dominar Quality.