In 2019 one of the biggest 2-wheeler manufacturer in India is going to introduce the twin disc brakes in their most famous and sold bike Pulsar 150.

Yes, the new 2019 Bajaj Pulsar 150 is about to launch but the new variant of 2019 Pulsar 150 is already have been spotted with the twin disc brakes. In first glance no any changes seems in the rest of breaking specification.

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc ABS continues to sport contrast body decals, black finished engine and alloy wheels, split seats, and LED taillights. The 149.5 cc air-cooled single-cylinder DTS-i motor produces 14 PS and 13.4 Nm of torque. This time proven engine is known for a good balance of performance and economy. The transmission, of course, is a 5-speeder.

Even Bajaj is yet to announced their new 125cc+ lineup with Indian Government safety standards. But Bajaj will also avail the old specification Bajaj Pulsar 150 with the name Pulsar Classic 150. In the new Pulsar Classic 150 rear wheel will be having drum brakes.


New 2019 Bajaj Pulsar 2019

Does new Bajaj Pulsar 150 will make any change?

Pulsar series by Bajaj will complete 19 years in 2019. Or we should say successful 19 years in Indian motorcycle market. In all these 19 years we show a lot of improvements in the most successful bike series.

Even the name stand up the many other bike range after it by Bajaj. Every changes by manufacturer in the Pulsar always makes it more popular, as it seems that it again will have a positive impact for manufacturer and its fans.

In 2019 Bajaj Pulsar will see some outstanding competition by the other market leaders, so in this competitive environment they need to update theirself to hold their legendary position. Most probably they could launch some new varients of Pulsar too, to avail the name in premium class sports bike.

Undoubtedly, Bajaj Dominar will also have some major changes/improvements this year to boost up the sales figures. Bajaj had a bit of disappointment with Dominar, because they are no-where close to its expected sales numbers.

Wait for some competition to this new 2019 Bajaj Pulsar 150

Obviously, if Bajaj moves one step ahead in the race then other will too. What is going to be happen it will interesting too see and how others will try to counter this step by Bajaj?

It would interesting to see, especially by the Indian Manufacturer TVS.

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