Now-a-days technology makes everything reliable and more comfortable than ever. We also can see a lot of improvisation in cars or bike which help us lot in many aspects, whether it comes to the safety, speed or comfort. The area which changing and adopting the new ideas very rapidly is mobiles and gadgets. A decade before now was 512MB RAM was sufficient in computers, but now 2GB is not enough for mobile phones, because in today’s era we are not using the mobile phone which were only able to make calls, and texts. In present time we using smartphones, incredible powerful smartphones, which are more powerful than PCs of 2010. Now people doesn’t use their phone only for making calls and text, infect now-a-days public depend on their smartphone in many aspects like for communication, social networking, navigation, personal assistance and many other things. So, this is not rocket science to understand that why smartphones are the most using and selling gadget all over the globe But the smartphone’s main attraction is it’s Artificial Intelligence through it’s apps. In today’s date approx. for everything apps are available some for fun, for the best multimedia experience, and many more. There I’m describing some very useful and necessary at the time of driving and travelling.

Navigation App


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Google Maps – Google maps is performing very precisely approx. overall on the globe. Google maps can point you on very exact and approx. precise coordinates and altitude, which proves very helpful in point to point tracking and routing. Google Maps is a very simple app which let you use many important features with precision. In this app you can set your destination, and how you will go there, app will assist you to reach there and suggest you all possible routes and expected time to reach there. Possibly all smartphone user has been using this app and found it helpful in many manners. It also lets you synchronise your location details your PC and your mobile. Now-a-days many GPS navigation apps are available in the market like Apple Maps and others, but I found this very helpful and easy to use. Google Maps is the best one if you are not using any GPS device.


For Hotel Bookings

Best apps to book hotels in india - Autoretina

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Trivago is the best app for finding and comparing the price for the best hotels in your budget. You only need to provide the city name and then check in and check out date. Trivago will search approx. all available hotels booking website at the same time and will show the best possible result on the screen. There’s not the end of Trivago’s features, you can filter hotels according to your budget, star ratings and user reviews. Trivago has really huge customer community so, user reviews will really help you to find out the actual condition of hotels and their services. Because Trivago searches the hundreds of websites at the same time and shows only the best, that’s why you can actually prevent yourself from spending some extra cash for the exact same room. There are also some alternative apps for hotels booking like OYO Rooms, MakeMyTrip, ixigo, ClearTrip and IRCTC. These apps will help you to find the best fit hotels for you in your budget.


Drive Mode Interface

Drivemode- Best driving app-autoretina

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Drivemode – This app won the prize of Android Application Award and featured on Techcrunch, CNET, Lifehacker and many others and constantly be the best pick for drivers. This app simply lets you focus on the road and use your device at the same time without see and touch your smartphone. App developers called it’s interface as “no look” interface, because this app is built for use your phone effectively without looking on screen. On the first screen of this app you can use and switch between 5 tabs (Settings, apps, Navigation, Music, contacts) by swiping the screen up or down. On this screen you will see a power button which can be used for switch this app off. You will be on 2nd screen by swiping it right to left, this screen mainly works as your speedometer and you can set address or select the address of your destination. But for using these options you have to turn your GPS on and this can drain your mobile’s battery very fast. This screen will also personalize and keep records of your trips and uses of Drivemode app, which will show on the third screen. You also can answer your phone call and messages, or can decline with draft messages. In contact tab you can easily find your contact and call or message him without much effort and see the mobile screen. After a short term of the uses of this app you can predict why this app is so popular and why this app got so many Prizes, most probably this is the best Drive Mode app now on market.

Music App

Best apps for music streaming - Autoretina

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 People only love to save their favourites music on their device, but it does not necessary that they are in the mood to play them or listen the same songs many times. Now many apps are available in market which provide the music streaming facility online and you can play them directly on your car’s music system if they can connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, only you need is an active internet connection. In free services you can create your playlist and some of them also provide option for saving them for offline and an ad free version, but they are paid services, Gaana app also provides Ultra HD quality sound for their premium members. Gaana, Jio Music and Saavn are popular music streaming apps and all these provide very good sound quality in free package also and let you choose the song from the library with huge no. of songs from many languages. Mainly their songs are from Hindi, English and Indian Regional Language. You can find song also from albums, singers, artist or song names.