We already have discussed a lot about bike launches, upcoming bikes and about their performance too. But what we will discuss today here is about your bike insurance.

How much you’ve paid for the bike? You may remember. But

What was your first year premium for your Bike insurance? 99% people will not answer this correctly.

But the discussion will not return you the bike or help financially to buy a new one. So, the question arises what we can do?
Actually, you know the answer. Bike Insurance is the only way to secure yourself from this kind of disaster moments.

Why I need to think about Bike Insurance

First of all, we all have to understand the importance the bike insurance.

Old beliefs of Dadi’s and Nani’s was working or not, I don’t know. But what I experience after being in my senses, those are bullshit. You can do those to keep your parents and earlier generations happy but be practical.

Have you ever seen people to use these kind of tricks :

Isn’t they impractical?

In 1st year of motorcycle, you don’t need to worry, you got your motorcycle with two wheeler insurance but problems start in the second year.

In the second year you have to choose the best bike Insurance company, and renew your 2 wheeler’s insurance.

How to Choose a Good Bike Insurance Company

The best way to choose the best bike insurance company is to know their reviews by their previous customers.

As you know I own a Pulsar 200 RS and in upcoming Fab. 2018, 2 years of my bike will get completed. In the second year, I was in search for best online bike insurance company. I had some criteria in my mind and was looking for the name who can full fill this.

I was looking for an online bike insurance company, who:

  • Has very good reviews by their existing customers.
  • Very convenient settlement process and least time in the industry.
  • Can be done all the processes online.
  • 24*7 best-in-class customer support.

As you know, Google has millions of answers for all the queries. So, as usual, I started filtering the result and make a very narrow and short list with very few names.

Some Insurance company’s name was on my list because of some reasons. I go through the reviews of Bharti Axa bike insurance reviews and find quite genuine and make-up my mind to go for it.

As I mentioned earlier Bharti Axa had good reputation and reviews among their existing customers. At some of the reviews sites, I got the reviews too like very short settlement time and how supportive their staffs were. I check their website and found approximately all the processes can be done online. I didn’t have to the centers. Which was quite good for me, because I always run out of the time and don’t want to search their offices on the map and follow for insurance processing.

Online steps was very easy to buy the online bike insurance was too easy than my expectation and hrdly in 30 imnute anyone can buy/renew the premium.

Importance of the Bike Insurance

Nowadays even fashionable accessories have no guarantee, then how can you so assured for the safety and security of your bike. Approx.  lakhs road accidents took place every year in India. Suppose any morning you leave from home to office, and in mid of the way your bike’s tire get slipped cause of any reason.

you got injured and hospitalized, your bike also get broken and defected.

Now from here only two things can happen:

Either you’ll lose all your savings plus some load to get recovered and repair the bike or claim your Medical Insurance and Vehicle Insurance. After that, I think you’ll have pay a very little extra amount for those things, which doesn’t get covered under the Insurance Policy.

Now, see the change in lifestyle, one who save the yearly premium of Insurance. Loses everything in the bi]link of an eye and then another who opted for the Insurance have not get affected.

Conclusion (Bike Insurance: Must or As per wish?)

If you’re one of them who is asking this yet. Than Nobody can tell you the importance of Insurance.

Sit Back and Relax.

Now think about your Family and loved ones.

Would you like to trouble them or insist them to change their regular lifestyle to lower down?

Just because you haven’t opted for the Medical and Vehicle Insurance and all your saving is now deposited into the hospital.

Your Small Premium can save your Lifetime Savings. Think for it.

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Thanking You!