First and foremost thing I would like to mention is its pricing. BMW G310 GS and BMW G310R is priced 3.49 Lakh INR and 2.99 Lkah INR respectively.

Today BMW Motorrad launch their much awaiting bike BMW G310s and G310R. In the launching event and promotional videos they were very clear that, with what mindset these bikes have been designed.

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They mention many times that, you’ll never put bike into these conditions or you’ll never use this BMW G310 GS or R machines like this. But yes, you can do these much of stuffs on this bike.

In the promotional videos this bikes represent not like fully adventure or fully sports. This shown like the whole and rough package for daily life, city, adventure, sports and fun riding. There shouldn’t be any doubt that this BMW G310 GS and BMW G310R is designed for youth and manufacturer is also marketing it like the same.


Ups and Down in the Launching of BMW G310 GS and G310 R


Yes, BMW G310 have been producing in India from last 1.5 years and approx. 1.5 yrs before its first lot have been exported to United States and Latin America. But it was the question from the day one that why this bike is not launching in India itself.

After somedays, we got information that this BMW G310 GS and G310 R not launch in India. You can read the news here.

But after somedays we understand that why this is happening, It was announced to make way for TVS Apache RTR 300. We should remember that TVS and BMW are the partners for business in India.


Then “Why BMW is launching G310 GS and G310R in India?”


TVS Apache RTR 300 doesn’t get the response, what it should. Or we can say what manufacturer was expecting. Reason for its icy response is a topic for discussion, but the most important factors was for being too late to come in the market in comparison of other segment competitor. And other was very-very late launching.

TVS Apache RTR 300 was first showcased in the automotive show 2 years ago from its launching with the name of TVS Akula 310. But somehow it became in the market for sale approx after 2.5 years of showcasing and in between this periosd a lot of various kind of rumours got spread. But finally it launched with the name of Apache RTR 300.

When it was showcased, it got very exhausting respose from bike lovers. but it got too much time to reach to them. And many other manufacturer got the chance to turn those exhausting desire to theirself. Like in this preiod KTM launched the very fairing for their bikes RC 200 and KTM RC 390. Very godd fetures got added in the KTM Duke 390 and a new model Duke 250 got launched.

Some other manufacturer also grab this opportunity with the both hands and then in the last Apache RTR 300 got launched in the market. They have to fail with their marketing, they write their self the story of their own Apache RTR 300 destruction. Even till now Apache RTR 300 was the last launch bike in the 300 cc engine segment. And after that failed launch, their partner BMW is launching G310 GS and G130 R.

It will interesting to see how this bike will perform in the market. This bike have BMW tag and this can work for this partnership.

But What about price, India is very sensitive country in terms of price and mileage of bike. If we are talking about low cc engine bike segment.


Why BMW G310 GS and G310 R is Priced a bit higher


Very reasonable price, according to me.

Of course this price can break some hearts, which were dreaming of owning this from last 2 years. But come’on, this is of BMW and you can’t ask them to price like Bajaj or TVS.

This brand have a very good market value in terms of rich hardware and performance by the machine.

And the another factor is, Brand BMW is not scared of a failed launching. Because other then India this bike have shown a very successful and appreciating sales graph. This BMW G310 already have been fill the pocket of manufacturer, so the sold bike in India will only be a bonus for manufacturer.

Yes, if this bike will perform great then this will be a positive for its Indian Partner and manufacturer TVS. TVS is actually loosing their grip on Indian road by 2 not up to the mark build quality and less featured bike from its time. Apache RTR 200 and Apache RTR 300.

Now, Indian manufacturer TVS will surely be wishing for success of BMW G310, it will be a good help to hold the name of this partners brand name.

OK, guys, this was Prashant Kumar, signing off and will catch you again with the next big automobile update. Till then Ride Safe, Play Hard.