Indians were really waiting for this flagship in low range engine segment BMW G310 and G310R for a very long time. But after some days of its international launch we got news that BMW has no any plan to launch this bike in India. Now, we know that it was a marketing stunt and was making the way to launch of TVS Apache RTR 300.

After a very medium flare of launch Apache RTR 300, now both partnered manufacturer BMW and TVS decided to launch this bike in India too. But as usual their main rival on Indian roads “Bajaj Motorcycles and KTM” partnership announces their new launch of KTM 390 Adventure to override the excitement of BMW launching. And it does perfectly.

After the announcement of KTM 390 Adventure, many one who pre-book the BMW G310 or G310R wants their booking money back. Then BMW had to announces that after reveal of pricing, if anyone will interested then they can get their money back.

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Why BMW have to Recall their G310 and G310R bikes from United States?

Now, we get back to our main point, that is

“Why BMW is recalling their Indian made G310 and G310R from Unites States?”

So, the reason is its main frame and side stand build qualite. This bike (BMW G310 or G310R) is quite heavy, not as like other heavy BMW bikes but yes its heavy in its segment.

So, the problem arises when people found that their bikes started to falling down in steady condition. This is a real concern for Manufacturer and riders for their safety.

This problem is quite serious and BMW took it seriously as well and recall their affected bikes. Even which bikes are sold and affected those customers can replace their side stand free of cost.

This may be cause of busy schedule of plant. Plants had to produce Apache RTR 300 and BMW G310 at the same time. This may be the reason behind it. We are still waiting the oficial statement from BMW or from the plant managers.

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