As we all know whole World loves the Bajaj Flagship model RS200. Including Indonesia, Columbia, and some other countries of Latin America Bajaj have been launched this flagship and successfully mark their selling figure.

But Pakistan, as usual doing some out of the law and law breaking stuffs. This time they are breaking the law with Pulsar RS200.

Chinese manufacturer XongSeng launches the exact copy of Pulsar RS200 in the Pakistani Market and named it Lion 150.

Of course it is obligation of International Business law, but China doesn’t care about it at all. And Pakistan don’t know why only want to boycott India in every manner. This lower cc bike and copycat bike cost approx. double then the Pulsar RS200 in Pakistan with much lesser specification. But Pakistan govt. accept this and let Chinese manufacturer launch this bike in Pakistan.

Features of Pakistani Copycat of Pulsar RS200 of Chinese XongSeng

This Lion 150  is powered by 150cc liquid cooled engine. This is a 5-Manual geared bike and this will be produce the 25 kmpl of mileage as per company claims.

This Pulsar RS200 copycat Sigma Lion 150 can touch upto 140 kmph as per some sources says, there is no solid evidence or company claims on it.

Chinese Manufacturer launches this Pulsar RS200 copycat in Pakistan in 5 colour variants. Black, Red, Black-Orange and Black-Green mix and Yellow.

This Colours are approx same as the official Pulsar colours and some mix-up like Black-Orange and Black-Green kind of weird colour variant doesn’t launch in India.

Company will cover warranty and warranty features in this bike till 1500 kms, and we all know the Chinese reputation.

Breaking for this bike as per 150cc bike is sufficient  but not even the near of breaking performance of Real Pulsar RS200.

In font this bike contains dual disc brake, but in rear tyre only the single disc break will available. In real Bajaj Pulsar RS200, front tyre have ABS (Anti Lock Breaking System) which hold the real 200cc engine very well, actually amazing.

Actually warrany cover on this bike for 1500 kms. is quite funny. That much distance Indian drove till the 2nd serviceing of bike and even Real Bajaj Pulsar can drove easily 3000-4000 kms without servicing. How this Chinese manufacturer can make fool of a country?

This is not the first time, when Pakistan Launches the duplicate bike

Yes, this is not the first time, when these kind of funny things happen in Pakistan. Some days ago 70cc bullet was in sale in Pakistan. This bike was a very weird copycat of old bullet which were in sale in India, and that time that was discontinued.

We only can pray to God that “Please Save Pakistan from these massive frauds.”

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