Clean your Car´s interior is not tricky as it sounds. There are lot of ways to do it like professionals with just some household equipment.  7-steps described below, which will help you to take care of your car interior. We tried to cover all commonly using automotive fabrics and stains too.

Collect all accessories, supplies and equipment

First-of-all collect all required items and equipment at one place to clean your car interior.

Equipment – Vacuum Cleaner with hose, Electrical extension cord.

Items – Old toothbrush, Paper Towels or lint-free rags, window cleaner, vinyl cleaner/protector.

Cleaning Products – Refer to your car´s manual f or recommended cleaners.


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Empty Your Vehicle

Make your car empty from your belongings, recyclables and trashes. Generally, people carry important papers, documents and other important stuff. During cleaning, these may misplace or get affected badly.

Start Cleaning With Steering wheels


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Steering wheels is made of plasticy material and people mostly covers it from leather cover. If you don’t use leather cover, then can simply spray cleaner like Colin or any other onto steering wheel. Rub gently with clean piece of cloth, and that’s it.

If you are using any leather cover for your steering wheel, then please use any leather cleaner. You can directly apply leather cleaner to it or on any clean piece cotton cloth.

Note: Crevices can´t be clean easily, for steering wheel specially use some Q tips kind of product. This works effectively.


Now its time for Floor and Floor mats to clean car interior


Root up every floor mats and lay them aside. Before clean those floor mats clean car´s floor with vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the floor boards everywhere, under the seats, around the pedals, the upholstery, rear deck and top of the dashboard. Use brush attachment too on the sets.

Note: Make sure to get into every cracks and crevices. Brush attachment will help you in this.

Come back to floor mats.  Cleaning process will depend upon your mats type. If in your car Plastic floor mats, then vacuum them. If vacuum is not sufficient than hose them down. Let that floor mats dry, please do not return them into car.


Make Clean Your Seats Now

car interior-seats

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Now generally car furnished with leather seats. These seats looks premium but have to maintain properly or they will dry out and got cracked. Everyone knows it that that seat surfaces are not very smooth, they are rugged. You can use your old toothbrush there, a new only will give you more precise result. For right cleaners you can check your car manual for approved cleaners.

  • You can use carpet cleaners if you have fabric upholstery.
  • If your has leather seats, than use a soft brush and an appropriate cleaners. Once dry, condition it with pH neutral. Conditioner should be water based.


What About Dashboard and other vinyl surfaces


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To clean your dashboard and other vinyl surfaces, spray any good vinyl/protector on the piece of cloth and wipe it gently on surface. For better result, wipe methodically. Start from the top front part and move down, once done than move back. While wiping if one side of cloth gets dirty then you can switch to another side. Have a new piece of cloth, if both side gets dirty.

Buff all the vinyl which you just treated. Buff it with a soft and clean cloth.


Clean the Windows

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Apply windows cleaner of your choice on a cloth, but cleaner should meet recommendations for your tinted windows. Cleaner should be any commercial window cleaner or warm ammonia water. Try to clean a window at a time, with wet cloth by cleaner, wipe in circular pattern.

When entire window got covered with cleaner and dirt and oils lifted, polish in circular motion with some clean cloth.

Use paper towel or news paper to buff until all streaks are gone. Be careful to get in corners and around the edge. If there is something which is not cleaned yet, repeat the procedure. And Now, Move to another window.

Note: You can use toothbrush for more detailing anywhere except then windows.

Here you know, how can you clean you car interior very easily just with some daily uses items and some commercial cleaners.

If you know some other method, then please share those with us.