In both condition of driving: City driving or long Highway driving, your temperature warning light might turn ON. Sometimes suddenly vapor coming from your car’s hood. Generally, people doesn’t face problem of overheat engine but many times especially on long drives this kind of problems arises. But this is very important to know, how can you exactly deal with overheat engine and continue to your destination.

It may be possible that you never face this problem till yet, but you know how serious this is and this can seize your engine too, if you’ll ignore it. So the best option is to prevent and overcome the problem instead ignoring it. There are many ways and tips which will not let your engine overheat or can solve the problem if it’s overheated already.

Park Your Car/Bike Side on Road


Very first you have to do it that you should park your vehicle aside on road, if your temperature warning light ON or you see vapour coming out from your hood. Generally, this temperature warning light turned on different temp. depend on the manufacturer’s setting. 190-220° C is most settled temp. on which you get warning by default.

Don’t Try to diagnose Immediately


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Don’t diagnose your vehicle on hot condition, this could be very dangerous for you. Like do not open the nob or valve of your coolant tank and do not touch anything inside your hood. Because they will not in tolerable temp., you can harm yourself. When you see vapour from your hood or warning light on, then it means your cooling system is very hot even boiling and that’s why you are advised for wait sometimes before diagnose and let your machine cooldown.

Turn Your Ac off


Immediate turn your AC off if you are warned for more than enough temp., this will help your engine to control the rate of temp increasing, this will help your engine to control the rate of temp increasing. Instead of AC if you will turn your heater then it will more beneficial  for engine because some of engine’s heat will transfer from there. Yes, it will make your ride harsh but you can drive some meters more.

And don’t forget to call or send your car for service immediately. If you know some more tips to deal with overheat engine, then please share them with us in comment section.