DETROIT- “General Public will unable to get a fully autonomous car at least before 2026-31”, Ford Motor Co.’s head of research thinks that it will be a bit impractical to commit for a fully autonomous car before this time period.

In case if you don’t know, Ford Motor is developing a level 4 self-driving vehicles. Level 4 self-driving vehicles will unaware from steering wheels and brake pedals.

According to Ford Motor’s Officials

Ford’s vice president of research and advanced engineering Ken Washington said: “Sales of fully self-driving vehicles to individual customers won’t happen until 5-10 years of first fleet implementation.”

NO. of mega automobile maker like Ford, Tesla, General Motors has come forward to revolutionalise the automobile industry. Which is good for industry and evolution. Some times ago Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motors has said that automaker would offer robot cars to consumers by about 2025.

Washington was addressing at the SAE WCX World Congress Experience. Some of his keywords were: “It’s really hard to guess and predict the pace of the technology.” “Our current view is the adoption rates will be relatively gradual.”

Washington strongly believes that self-driving cars will be the reality. “This is not science fiction,” he said. “Not a research project. This is something we’re going to make happen, and others will, too.”

The automaker has been already invested a lot of money in their self-driving vehicle project. According to a news, Ford motor invested $1 Billion over next 5 years to a tech startup Argo AI. The manufacturer is also working with LiDAR-maker Velodyne, 3D-map maker Civil Maps, Nirenberg Neuroscience and SAIPS.

Ken Washington believes that automotive industry is as innovative as tech industry. Traditional automakers are facing a difficult and different kind of challenge from silicon valley. Many startups or companies like Uber, Lyft, Google and Apple also comes into the race to develop autonomous vehicles.

It will very interesting to see who will give us a chance to buy a fully self-driving car with no compromise from our security.