A simple bike launch by global brand like ´Harley Davidson´ always treated like a big move in Automotive Universe. Then a whole new engine from tip-to-tail ´Milwaukee Eight´, why won´t a headline. Milwaukee eight is only ninth engine of Harley engine index and third big twin engine. The ´Eight´ in the name denotes the eight valves, but as per officials, this is only similarity.

Veteran touring bike manufacturer will introduce Milwaukee-Eight in two variant.

Milwaukee Eight Variant

107 CID1,750 cc
114 CID1,870 cc

Milwaukee-Eight 107 CID will equip on all touring line up motorcycles by Harley. Those are Road Glide, the street glide and the Road king. Internationally this engine will mount on Road Glide Special, Street Glide Special and Electra Glide Ultra Classic too.

Harley’s Third Big Twin Engine Specification (107 CID)

Displacement1745 ccStroke111.1 mm
Bore1000 mmCompression Ratio10.0:1

New engine get its name because of 8 valves and it born in Milwaukee. Harley’s previous engine got 1 inleat and outlet valve per cylinder but this beast get 2 valves per cylinder. This new engine got all new 18-pole alternator, which generates 25 amps at 850 rpm in idle condition. It’s new spark plug improves engine’s head and piston to operate cooler than before. Harley improves airflow to the cylinder by new airbox, which results less intake noise with increased air volume. Milwaukee idle at 850 rpm as compare to older engines 1000 rpm. Consequently, it saves few ammount of fuel and produce faint ‘Potato-Potato’ sound, which was sign of Harley carburetted bikes. This sound was disappered from bikes when they switch to fuel injected, but Milwaukee eight brings it back. After idle rpm on cruising rpm this alternator supplies 37amps, which is quite enough to run all the accessories.

This new engine doesn’t have a pair of camshaft as older ones, it has 4-lobe camshaft. Another change is it consist a 1.6kW starter instead of the older 1.2kW. One and a self-torque-boosting clutch with Brembo hydraulic actuation that results in a lighter clutch lever to pull.


Market Research

Before making this engine Harley conduct a survey within it’s customers. From all over the globe harley found that a large no. of customers who prefers two-up riding in place of single rider. According to market research they wanted less vibration,smoother power delivery and cooler operation.

Cooling fins on new engine are on the cylinder head and have large surface area to dissipate heat quicker than before. A by-product of this improved heat dissipation and improved cooling of exhaust valves is a  higher combustion ratio that translates into higher power and torque.

Now talk about engine refinement of Milwaukee Eight. A famous Harley quote is “We’re killing the noise so we can keep the music.” It means they always wanted to counter or make lesser as much they can the undesirable clicking, clacking and whinning noise. For this Harley uses a simple theory ‘Lesser moving parts means lesser noise and vibration.