Hi, as a marketer you know that you can’t be rely on only 1 platform or you can’t spread your content on only 1 or few format.

Yes, you have to be exists everywhere and in every form. This could sounds cool, or necessary but it is not as simple as it seems. Requires a lot of dedication, content, ideas, time and tools.

Because you have to be very creative with your campaigns so, nobody should advice you to choose some particular type of content or ideas. You can do it lot better, but here we are going to tell you about a tool which can make your work lot easier.

One SaaS app called “Headliner” App is a perfect fit for approx. every marketer. Very rapidly I’m telling you the features of Headliner App.

Headliner app is one of promising free SaaS tool

Yes, Headliner app is free and it is in the SaaS form. So, it means you will have access from anywhere and you some recent projects all will be saved there, for free. Yes, I also thought in first glance what are you thinking now, they must paste their watermark. But NO.

They promise that they will never charge their user for using their Headliner App. They have some plans to monetise but they are not revealing yet but will free for users and Data will sold to any third party. (As per their promise)


All available feature of Headliner app till December 2018

Headliner App can create Audiogram for your Audio or Podcast in a jiffy


Audiogram creator console of Headliner SaaS app

As we discussed that you have to spread your content in various format, so podcasting is also a very popular and important format nowadays. But do you think that an audio file with any still image would got loved on social media?

We don’t think so. On social media platforms like on Facebook and Twitter we have approx. 3-5 seconds to grab attention and platform like Instagram and Pinterest are even harder. If in first 2-3 seconds people will not find your picture glamorous or creative, then they will not stop on your post and that will got slide up.

So, Audiogram comes into scene there and increase the engagement approx. 5 times. There are very much video editing tools which can do it lot better than the Headliner. But Headliner app can finish the task much faster which is the first priority for any marketer.

People can edit the photos with much flexibility in Adobe Photoshop but most of the people love to use the Canva and this kind of SaaS tools, scene is same here.

Headliner App can create the Video and Audio Transcript automatically

This is also one cool feature, but for transcript you can’t rely on the AI.

Healiner’s Article to Video Feature

This is not a very fresh feature to explain here, what does this feature do. But, yes this is also an important one to let your audience consume your content. Many other premium apps and SaaS based services already working in this horizon.

Find My content feature


Feature introducing by Headliner App.

Headliner app also introduces the “find my content” feature. It will work same as the article to video feature but for the audio files. App will transcript your audio then will find matching assets with transcript and fill it in the video. Sounds cool, right?

These all were the Feature list of “Headliner App”. Now we will share our experience.

What we feel about this app after using it and does it worth to spend time on it to make your content more creative.

So start sharing our experience as per the feature list.

What Autoretina thinks about the “Audiogram” feature of Headliner App

We use it with various form of audio like with podcast, songs, noisy sound, narration with background noise etc.

But we find it very fine. It impresses us every single time and we really think that this feature will surely enhance your Facebook and Instagram presence. Can’t say about audiogram video consumption on Twitter but on these two platform it will work superb.

Audio and Video transcription feature

This is the area, where Headliner app needs to work a lot. We tried many kind of forms here too, like simple audio, music, podcast, video interviews and lot more.

It was working best with the slow speed speaking podcast and video interviews, but that also is below then average performance, for an AI system. As Headliner people saying that they are improving it continuously and how much we will use the features, they can have more and more data to improve. But a SaaS product of approx. 1 year old, we were hoping a lot more.

What about Headliner’s Article to video feature?

Team Autoretina have a very simple complain that, why only 1000 word?

In some lines we found that their AI system use the photos which were irrelevant. It was expected by an AI system, but we were able to change those very easily.

It will work very fine with a bit of your contribution, but you need to be careful and be limited under 1000 word. If you’re using an URL here then that also should be under this word limit, otherwise it will trim the content automatically. You can make more than one video for more word crowded article and can merge them up later, but that would be your call. Here we are only sharing our experiences with the Headliner app.

What Autoretina thinks about Headliner App’s “Find my Content” feature

We really think that to work this feature up to the mark, first the mind behind Headliner will have to focus on to improve the transcription feature.

Because application will have to convert the whole audio file into transcription then it will read it and fill the project videos with relatable assets.

Conclusion on Headliner App

Now it’s time to take a call after knowing our experience. It totally depends upon you, but if you are looking for a suggestion then Autoretina would suggest you to give it a chance if you didn’t try it yet.

This App is free, fast and feature rich. App is not matured so we are hoping to see many kind of improvements. Even after 50% of improvements what it claims as feature, this app will be level up from its competitor app.

You guys please let us know if we are missing something about this app. And one more thing your opinion is matter the most. Have you tried this App? What did you think about this, would you like to add something, please comment section is waiting for it. Please feel free to express your opinion about this App or review, we and Headliner makers both are open for your reviews and opinion.

Thanking You!