Hero Flash Electric scooter launched in India. This electric scooter is totally emission free and super light weighted to increase its range.

Price19,990(ex-showroom, Delhi)
Range65 km
Kerb. Weight85 kgs
Available in 2 color options. Dark Brown and Silver.
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Yes, Hero Moto Corp is all set to snatch back its position in Indian Market. Flash by largest Indian 2-wheeler manufacturer is an obvious evolution of electric scooters. An attractive price range of 20K will surely motivate and give a reason to buy it first-time electric scooter buyers.

Hero Flash Electric Scooter Technical Specification

Battery: 48-volt 20 Ah VRLA battery

Motor: 250 Watt motor

250 Watt motor which is coupled with 48-volt 20 Ah VRLA battery is quite enough to mobile you on road at an approx speed of 45 kmph. Although, there is no official information regard top speed and it will make no sense to ask 0-60 acceleration time.

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Every year through many NGOs, government organisations and by many other reports submitted on pollution level. But, the question is are that reports really taken seriously? Very few enthusiasm for electric vehicles doesn’t match the curiosity level which shown on social media or offline campaign.


Hurdles for electric mobility in India

Actually, there is lack of practicality too in the implementation of electric mobility. In developing nation like India, conditions are more worst than other developed nation. For eg. talk about this electric bike ‘Hero Flash’. In one charge its range is 65 kms. So, if you are using this then you will think for distance first. You have to go to your destinations and come back to your place, because you knew it in mid you will unable to find any charging station.

So, it means you only can max. half of its range. And believe me this is the first and major problem in owning an electric vehicle.

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The second problem, can you name the cities or states where 24*7 electricity is available. In major cities at least you can use this kind of scooters for daily small uses like drop and pick up your child from school, to bring daily items like groceries, milk etc.  But what about those areas where they hardly get electricity. Normally in

Normally in India, people get 16 hrs. of electricity a day, but what about those 8 hrs. Imagine you are in rush to reach somewhere and when you try to start your electric vehicle you can’t. Because last night you forgot to charge you scooter. How frustrating is this, Right?

OK, now come back to Hero Flash

At the launch event Hero Moto Corp. CEO, Sohinder Gill says “With Flash, we are moving further ahead with our vision of making India an electrically mobile nation. It weighs only 87 kilos, helping it score very high on maneuverability.”

There is a lot more than its range and weight. Hero also uses magnesium alloy wheels for keeping it lighter, the telescopic suspension will improve its performance and safety. For safety only full crash guard available as well.

Under the seat, there is enough space to keep your stuff during riding.

As Sohinder Gill says this bike will surely prove a strong step towards make vehicles fuel free, but there is a long way to go.


Attractive pricing and eye pleasing look will hit the heart of targetted customers or not? This only can answer with time but for school or college going students, this will perfect. You don’t need a driving licence even to ride this.

There is lot more powerful bike which is targeting college students like Yamaha FZ 25, Duke 200, Pulsar 200 NS and more. Enthusiasm and selling graphs will pleasing to see and hoping for some interesting and shocking data.

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