As like always, once again Bajaj Motorcycles and KTM collaboration hurt BMW and TVS collaboration. Just some days ago TVS and BMW due announced the start of pre-booking of BMW G310R and S310GS. But just after this announcement Bajaj and KTM duo announce the launch of KTM 390 adventure variant.

Now, many potential customers of BMW G310 is bending towards KTM 390 adventure. Many ones who have paid INR 50,000 advance for pre-booking are wanted their money back now.

This is not the first time when Bajaj interferes with the TVS motorcycle’s marketing plan. BMW G310R and S310GS were much-awaited bike 1.5 – 2 years ago, but manufacturer launches it very late. Then manufacturer announces that this bike will manufacture in India but will not launch in India.

Most suited prediction for this announcement was “TVS motorcycles and BMW MotorradĀ hold the launch of BMW G310R and G310GS and can cancel it’s India launch too to make the way for TVS Akula 310.” (Which later launches with the name of TVS Apache 310)

Unlike their expectations, Apache 310 shows very flat response by the consumers and market. Now they were planning to launch BMW G310R and G310GS to recreate the same enthusiasm between their fans. But timing is everything in the very competitive Indian Market and Bajaj Motorcycles are once again a clear winner in terms of Marketing Game.

As we stated that Bajaj clicks once again at the very right time, so many consumers who pre-booked their piece of BMW G310 or G310GS are wanted to cancel their registration and booking now.

How can you cancel BMW G310R or G310GS Booking?

Now, we have some latest updates by the end of BMW Motorrad, that they are only start pre-booking of the bike, they didn’t reveal the price yet. Customers, who want their pre-booking can cancel their booking and can get their money back after the reveal of the price of the bike. They will get 20 days to think for, and in this time frame they can cancel their booking and get their money back.

So, now TVS have only one chance to play, to reveal the price. In this competition Price for BMW G310 will be interesting to see, it will have to be competitive. Otherwise, this also will be a very flop launch. BMW is a quality obsessive manufacturer and has a very good reputation in the international market.

But, because the bike is manufacturing in India and it will save much money in face of Taxes. But manufacturer will not decrease their prices to the TVS or Bajaj level, that’s for sure.

So, its really an interesting stuff to see, Bajaj will once again be ahead in the race. Because Bajaj has announced that KTM 390 adventure will mark its presence in the last of this year.


Price of KTM 390 adventure

As per the marketing strategy of Bajaj and KTM till yet, we can predict the price for KTM 390 adventure. As we know KTM Duke 390 cost approx. 2.35 lakh to 2.70 lakh (depend upon the registration state).

If till that time TVS and BMW Motorrad will not give them the competition then, it will again cost as 2.50 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). If TVS and any other manufacturer will show interest to present challenge then the cost may be dropped.

But other then TVS and BMW Motorrad there is no manufacturer, who would like to face challenge by Bajaj and KTM.

BMW G310 vs KTM 390 adventure

Actually, now comparison may be called very early and we do not have enough information though. But we know features of Duke 390 and BMW 310 have much lesser functionality then that bike.

We are hoping to see another level of technology in KTM 390 adventure, so if we’ll compare these two bikes (KTM 390 adventure vs BMW G310R or G310GS) then BMW will be behind of KTM.

Now, it’s upon you that you want a BMW or would like to wait for some months to bid on the better one. At least we could believe that KTM will much superior then G310 in terms of technology.

This was Prashant Kumar, signing off. See you soon in the next article. Take care, Ride Hard!