If you ever heard the name ‘Jaguar’, then most probably you’ll found the title exact. ‘Have a Dive into Luxury’ is the tagline I used for this car. India is a very fast growing country economy and population wise. Nowadays you can see easily a BMW or Audi on road. But there are some brands too which hold their self out of the box. Rolls Royce, Bently and some more are few of them. Jaguar is also one of them.

Jaguar and Land Rover is acquired by Tata Group of Companies some years ago. When Tata took Jaguar under operation, Jaguar shows marvellous improvement and sells. Land Rover and Jaguar car's prices have declined after GST implementation.

Today we will talk about Jaguar XJL. IF only presence of something near you will let you feel Luxurious, then it must be a true Luxury. Jaguar XJL is the car which is the real hat-turner, for which you are looking for.

Do you know Price of this Masterpiece ‘Jaguar XJL’?


VariantJaguar XJL (2.0 Portfolio)
1999cc Petrol, Automatic, 9.4 kmpl
Jaguar XJL (5.0 V8 Autobiography)
5000cc Petrol, Automatic
Price₹ 97.08 Lakhs₹ 1.97 Crores
VariantJaguar XJL (3.0 Portfolio)
2993cc Diesel, Automatic, 12.9 kmpl
Jaguar XJL (3.0 Premium Luxury)
2993cc Diesel, Automatic, 12.9 kmpl
Price₹ 1.02 Crores₹ 96.69 Lakhs


Jaguar XJ L Technical Specification


Jaguar XJ L is equipped with 5.0 L  V8 470 hp Supercharged engine, this performance luxury sedan can whisk you to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds.

Fuel TypeTransmissionMileage

Top notch variant of Jaguar XJ L will produce  470 bhp @ 6000 rpm.



This sedan just looks luxurious, whether from internally or externally. You can build your own XJ L according to your desire, 4-seater or 5-seater.

Chrome and Leather finish just help this sedan to achieve its target luxury feeling inside the cabin. Console and Digital instrument are just made to redefine the upper mark of perfection.

Technical Details

21 surround sound JBL speakers are just outstanding at their work. Mood lighting and AC vents will let you feel the difference in comparison with other cars.

Full LED headlights with adaptive lighting and intelligent high beam assist. Not only in the day even in the night too this will stand out of the crowd on road.

Jaguar also provides option for their customer to design their own car according to their like. This option is just introduced to touch the deeper part of the heart of consumers. Who can find lack in everything, obviously nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement, Jaguar tries to decrease that room of improvement.

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