Lamborghini Urus.

Yes, we are talking about that same iconic and fastest SUV on earth. Now in India too Lamborghini Launched Urus for Indian Roads. Thank God they didn’t take the decades like Nissan to launch their legendary GT R on Indian Streets. Yes, apparently these both can rule the Race Tracks but, you all should keep in mind that specialty of these two is they are not the only king of the tracks. Their kingdom is beyond Race Tracks, and Urus crossed one more step and designed to dominate the deserts too.

“Supercars are not for India” were the statement of the last generation but now “Supercars can dominate the terrain and deserts too.”

Lamborghini Urus: Price and Fuel Consumption

If you’re reading this from India and you don’t know the price till yet than you must be looking for that in the first line.

HaHaHa…. Ok, Let’s start the discussion on this car….. sorry… Super SUV
This will be totally yours in just 3cr. Yes, Price is 3 crore INR (4.71 Lakh USD) in India.

Yes, this is huge, but it’s from Lamborghini…. Come on Man! You have to get ready for this type of surprises if you are talking about Lamborghini kind of Brands.

But for we (Indians) it doesn’t matter of which brand we are talking about, Our second question will be “Kitna Deti Hai?” (“What’s the mileage/fuel consumption). Right?

Urus won’t let your head down if you too a Lambo fanboy. Lamborghini Urus fuel consumption is 12.7 L/100 km. It means 7.87 (approx.)

I told you, we are discussing Lamborghini. Be ready for these kinds of surprises. We are not talking about Maruti Suzuki if you’re thinking for 18-23 kmpl. Of course, you knew this.

Price3 Crore INR4.71 Lakh USD
Mileage12.7 L/ 100 km7.88 kmpl (approx.)

Now we will discuss its looks, technical specifications, and Driving Dynamics. But before the discussion have a look at this video by Lamborghini officials

Lamborghini Urus: Technical Specification & Dimension

Lamborghini Urus: Easily recognized by its Y cut edges and stunning wheels. Now its time to dive deep into its technical specifications and SUV dimensions.

Technical Specifications of Lamborghini Urus

No. of Cylinders8Displacement3,996 cm3 (243.85 cu in)
BORE X STROKE86 x 86 mm (3.39 X 3.39 in)MAX. POWER650 HP (478 kW) @ 6,000 rpm
MAXIMUM ENGINE SPEED6,800 rpmMAX. TORQUE850 Nm (626,93 lb.-ft.) @ 2,250-4,500 rpm
Transmission TypeFour-wheel drive with limited slip central differential and asymmetric/dynamic torque distribution (Torsen-type)
3.6 s
BRAKING 100-0 KM/H (62-0 MPH)33.7 mACCELERATION 0-200 KM/H (0-124 MPH)12.8 s
BrakesFront aluminium 10 piston brake calipers. Rear floating 6 piston brake calipers.Front BrakesCarbon-ceramic brakes – diameter: 440 mm (17.32 in) and thickness: 40 mm (1.57 in)
CO2 Emissions290 g/kmRear BrakesCarbon-ceramic brakes – diameter: 370 mm (14.57 in) and thickness: 30 mm (1.18 in)

Blue- Lamborghini Urus-Autoretina

Dimension of Lamborghini Urus

Length5,112 mm (201.26 in)Width 2,181 mm (85.87 in)
Height1638 mm (64.5 in)Wheelbase3,003 mm (118.23 in)
LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT VOLUME (FRONT)5 seats: 616 l (21.75 cu. ft. ) - 4 seats: 574 l (20.27 cu.ft.)FUEL TANK CAPACITY/RESERVE75 and 85 l (19.81 or 22.45 gal)
CURB WEIGHT (DIN-CURB)<2,200 kg (<4,850 lb)


So, now you can see how rich is this Urus in terms of hardware. Now, we are leaving you with some very astonishing photographs of Urus.

We have very keen eyes on the internet to get the ownership reviews about this Super SUV. This is Prashant Kumar Signing off, for now, see you soon. Have a Great Day Ahead.