Are you going to buy a car? Congrats! But had you passed this most difficult part – selection of your desired model or in other way I should ask you that “Is your wish list complete?” Are you saying ‘NO’. OK, it’s totally cool because it is not as easy as it sounds. Before finalise any model, there is many questions and confusion which you have to answer or clear. Many popular questions and confusion like: –

Which type of the car will suit my need?

Which models are fit in your budget, according to my need?

Which one will better Petrol or Diesel variant?

Which kind of road I am going to dominate, Highway or off road?

What did I want in my car Space or Speed?

Want a practical machine or killer looks?

If you are struggling to find answers or clear these type of confusions, then you landed to the right page.

These type of questions and confusions are not new but really important to clear before heading to the dealer. Now-a-days there are hundreds of models which can grab your attention, whether by its look or specification or any other thing. But you are going to buy only one of them, so you need to narrow your list and this can only be done, if you know your need exactly and researched the market very well. Don’t worry if you haven’t done these all yet, keep reading. There are some tips shared which will definitely help you to answer your confusions, keep narrow your list and make the very best wish list which suits your requirement and prepared only for you.


Fix your Budget



First, you have to estimate an exact budget for your car, only this step can make your list much shorter. But you should wisely estimate it, because it should not exceed your comfortability limit and should not be lower than your social standard. Most probably your car will most expensive thing in your life which you are going to buy after Land and Home, so decide carefully and also plan in early stage, that you will buy that on total cash payment or will take the help of any financial firm.

If you are going to finance your vehicle, then you should have bit more careful and clear about your EMI and rate of interest. In most cases, people found it easier to finance from the dealer, but, in that deal dealer will get some commission and your pocket some extra load. It is always advised that try to eliminate the middle man and arrange direct if possible. According to a study, one should not spend more than 18-20% on car’s EMI of their total monthly income. More than this can disturb your other monthly expenditure.


Only you should clear about your budget, there is no need to tell the salesperson your decided figure of the amount. Because sales person will always try to push you beyond your limits and this can ruin your whole deal also.


 Calculate Car ownership cost and Resale value



Car is not a thing like table of your drawing room, which only require one-time investment. On car you need to spend money regularly on maintenance, so you can’t ignore the maintenance cost. After-all maintenance decides the vehicle life. If you own the car of luxurious brand like Audi, Mercedes and other then it’s obvious that their maintenance cost will more than the brands like Suzuki, Renault, Hyundai and others.

Ownership cost is not only about maintenance cost, it’s about every kind of expenditure on car after buying it. For example, after a couple of years you’ll need to change the set of tyres and their cost depend upon the both : tyre and car’s brand. So, you also need to calculate the ownership cost carefully before buying a car.



If your plan is to change the car after 3-4 years, then you also have to think about resale value. Not every brand has same depreciation rate, some brands depreciate very rapidly and some bit slower. The Depreciation rate is very fast on the first couple of years after then it feels a bit more stable and much slower. If you have no idea about the brand’s depreciation rate than most effective way is to visit multi brand pre own car’s showroom. Some online services in India like, OLX, Droom can help you get some idea. This will help you also if you are planning to have any exchange deal on your new car.


Petrol or Diesel variant


Fuel options make the selection more complicated for some buyers, and it really can affect your decision. Actually, it’s not that much complex and mechanical thing as it sounds, a simple calculation can answer this question. If your driving need is more than usual, then you can think about diesel option, you can add CNG and LPG option also to make this more complicated. But any option other than Petrol will suit you only if you drive more. Otherwise, you should stick with Petrol option.

Petrol engines feel more refined, smooth and powerful but after many improvisations in diesel engine, including turbocharging, diesel variant is also not a bad option at present times. But Diesel variant is only advisable if you have to drive at least more than 1500 kms. In a month. Because normally any model which available in both variants, cost approx. 1 lakh more INR for diesel variant. After this first investment diesel engine also requires more maintenance cost. So, economic diesel option is not so economic for everyone. Suppose you drive 10-20 km/day, then why you will pay approx. 1 lakh more INR or more maintenance cost. If you will pay extra than petrol variant, then you will feel that you need to drive that car for at least 6-7 yrs. for grab the advantage of that 1 lakh rupees. But what about extra maintenance cost during those years. So, think about other variant than petrol only when you have to drive more.

Till now you decide your budget, buying option, brand, petrol or diesel variant. Your list is already much shorter then start, now come to the more precise wish list. There one more fair question may arise in your mind.

Which category car will best for me?”

Now in market many kind of cars available, which can categorise easily by their look and use, they all designed for their different use and different customers. Now its up to you and you need to set your requirements, like how much passengers you travel most of times, and do you really need a large boot space.  Please don’t include the picnic or family tour, which you mostly do 3-4 times in a year. Now these days manufacturers offering you many categories like Sedan, Coupe, SUVs, MUVs, Hatchback, Mini Van and many other.


Don’t forget to keep your wishlist has more than 1 name and have a test drive of them.

Look……… How easy is this. Actually, this very easy to select the right car for you, only you have to recognise your requirement and taste.