Pulsar 160 NS is launched and create a healthy competition once again in 2 wheeler market. This bike has to face rivalry mainly by Apache 160, Gixxer and Hornet.

From last some days, we were only witnessed for battle in higher cc bikes. Like Dominar vs RC 390 vs Duke 390 and kind of. Even 200 cc bikes seemed like a story of different passed era. The main reason behind this was the static and very limited motorcycles in this range. Some most selling bikes of this segment are Apache RTR 160, Hornet and Gixxer. Even every manufacturer was only updating their bike instead of launching some new product.

After all, Bajaj enters in this segment too

After a long time, Bajaj Motorcycles decided to break this silence in this segment and launched younger sibling of their one of most famous bike 200 NS. Bajaj entry with 160 NS directly shown their intention, they want to lead each and every segment. In this segment, some very good looking bikes like Hornet, Apache and Gixxer are already in sale, so Bajaj had to enter this segment with some weight.

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So, Bajaj decided to go with already proven formula with some more improvement. They decide to launch Pulsar 160 NS, which looks same as 200 NS. But there is a bit of difference like Pulsar 160 NS contains underbelly exhaust to distribute its load more effectively. No bikes in this segment contain this kind of exhaust, KTM RC 200 and 390(old variant) had this kind oh exhaust system.

Compare Pulsar 160 NS with other segment Leader

Which bike will more suit to which kind of need? It only can answer after an honest comparison, in this comparison we will compare Pulsar 160 NS with TVS Apache RTR 160 and Honda CB Hornet. Gixxer is also a very good bike of this segment but we don’t want to make this article more tedious and confusing. So, if you’ll want we will create an another article for you to compare Gixxer with new Pulsar 160 NS.

First, have a quick look on the technical specification of these 3:

Pulsar 160 NS vs Apache 160 vs Honda CB Hornet

 Pulsar 160 NSApache RTR 160Honda CB Hornet
Engine cc160.3159.7162.71 cc
Max power(PS @ RPM)15.5 @ 850015.2 @ 8,500 rpm15.65 @ 8,500 rpm
Max torque(Nm @RPM)14.6 Nm @ 650013 Nm @ 6,000 rpm14.76 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Front SuspensionTelescopic with Anti-friction BushTelescopic Forks, 105 mm StrokeTelescopic
Rear SuspensionNitrox mono shock absorber with CanisterMonotube Inverted Gas Filled Shox (MIG) With SpringMonoshock
Front Brake240 mm Disc270 mm Disc276 mm Disc
Rear Brake130 mm Drum130 mm Drum130 mm Drum
Front Tyre80/100 -17" 46 P Tubeless90/90 x 17 Tubeless100/80-17 Tubeless
Rear Tyre110/80 -17" 57 P Tubeless100/80 x 17 Tubeless140/70-17 Tubeless
Fuel Tank12 L16 L12 L
MileageNA (48 kmpl, approx.)50 kmpl50 kmpl
HeadlampH4 (12V 55/60W)
L x W x H (in mm)2,012 x 803.5 x 1,0602,085 x 730 x 1,1052,041 x 783 x 1067
Ground Clearance176 mm165 mm164 mm
Wheelbase1363 mm1,300 mm1,345 mm
Kerb Wt142 kg137 kg140 kg

This table is quite enough to give us an idea that which is winning over another.

Compare Specification wise, One-by-One

Engine Capacity

All three are approx near to each other in terms of cc or max power produced or max. torque produced by bikes. If you’ll consider everything very minorly than, you can rank Apache lower in the table. Basically, you can’t decide finally anything here, you have to consider some more aspects of the bike. So now move to another aspect.

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Other Technical Specifications

Brake: In breaking segment I think Pulsar 160 NS will lead the table from below with the smallest diameter of the front disc. Rear brake in all these 3 bikes is same with 130 mm diameter drum. Honda CB Hornet will lead in breaking with same size of rear drum but widest 276 mm diameter of the front disc.

Suspension: In the suspension department, CB Hornet has to take the last seat at the table. There is also very tight competition between these 3 but Hornet has only mono shock suspension. While other 2 have mono shock with some subsidiary technology too.

Tyre: All 3 are equipped with the tubeless tyre but Pulsar has the slimmest in these all and this could be a drawback. Weight decrement is the main reason to keep its tyre not super widebut this new Pulsar 160 NS doesn’t let feel less confident on corners. Hornet will lead table now with the wide rear tyre from among these two. Apache is also equipped with same dimension of tyre as like of Pulsar 160. but front tyre is 10mm wider. Thats why Apache 160 RTR once again placed on mid of thease two.

Efficiency and Range: Bajaj doesn’t officially announce the mileage for this new Pulsar 160. Pulsar has a fuel tank of 12 L and we can consider it as idle. Hornet has same fuel carrying capacity nut Apache will lead here with the 16L tank. All these have same mileage, Pulsar will also not produce less than 48-50.

Maintenance cost of any one is not much higher and approx. all will cost same. According to performance graph till now (brand wise) Hornet will lead and can be called a less maintenance bike. Service Centres for all 3 manufacturers are available all over India, so don’t need to worry about genuine parts and better servicing.

Other Specification Comparison

Ground Clearance

Apache once again slips into last of the table with least wheelbase. Pulsar 160 has most wheelbase and it increases riding experience positively. CB Hornet has also very good wheelbase of 1,345 mm and it keeps this on second on the table.

Pulsar 160 NS has a very powerful headlamp which is uncomparable than any bike. Its headlamp will take forward the trend of Dominar and will keep your eyesight most clear in the segment. Cause of underbelly exhaust its ground clearance is most and it will support in Indian riding condition too.


After this a very long comparison we have some real and honest technical data, and we can reach to a practical decisive point.

We’re leaving the selection of bike price wise upon you, you can opt any one according to your budget. Bajaj is bit negatively famous for their unsatisfied service quality, while Honda Motorcycles is the leader in this. Specification wise Pulsar 160 NS is unable to beat Hornet, other than the powerful headlamp.

Pulsar 160-apache-hornet-autoretina

Pricing could be a reason to resist Hornet, but if you can spend a bit more than Hornet is irresistible. Apache 160 RTR is already established motorcycle and one of the most selling bike in the country. So, it will unfair to point the finger on its quality and performance. Bajaj Pulsar 160 NS is newly launched, but just because this bike will be sold out under the brand name ‘Pulsar’, you can trust on its performance.

Competition is very tight and Pulsar has to make its way and place in this segment. Silent release of Pulsar 160 NS is shockingly a bit but advertising strategy could be a masterstroke by Bajaj Motorcycles. It will interesting to see, what manufacturer will do to make sapce fot this new ‘Baby Pulsar’ and how this will perform on Road and Selling Graph.

Please, Don’t forget to share your opinion and pick in the comment section.