Jayash Oswal, a young Apache rider, YouTuber " That Apache Guy" and Fan is no more with us. RIP Jayash. God, Please Provide his family much courage to handle this loss.

In biker community everyone knows, Long Ride and Adventure riders are very tough and no one can question on their durability. In the past some months or years you can say, we have seen the tremendous increase in no. of YouTube channels based on riding and travel experiences. Undoubtedly, some of them are worst and some of the remain are only doing this for easy money. But in actuality, this is not as esay as it seems. There are 2 necessary things like any other profession. First is only do YouTubing if you are really serious and passionate about this. Otherwise, you’ll only waste some GB storage of Google and Some precious moments of your viewers. You’ll not get anything in return except some abusive comment from your well wisher viewers.


Why today we are discussing this?

Cause of a very serious loss. Yes, Loss. We lost a passionate Rider and YouTuber ‘Jayash Oswal’. He was the guy behind the YouTube Channel ‘That Apache Guy’. Yesterday we lost him in a mishap. May be you don’t know him, but what he was trying to do, was going to reward him some fame. But…………

He was trying to complete the ride whole India Height and Width wise. But unfortunately, on the way of Chennai from Nagpur, he left us, however.

Jayash Oswal was 21 yrs. old YouTuber and a passionate rider. Now this time he was used to riding TVS Apache 200 RTR.

Our Sympathy is With His Loving & Supporting Family

Family support is the most important and I think most encouraging thing too, for following the passion and earn the own name. His Family was supporting him, encouraging him and most importantly letting him follow his passion.

His Father’s name is Manoj Jain, during this ride, he was continuously tracking him by GPS.

On Saturday Night Jayash reached to Nagpur, Maharashtra at 2:00 am. And this was the last time when he spoke to his father, his plan to continue till sunlight.

On the morning when Manoj Jain found on GPS that signal was steady, it was not moving then he starts to try for contact him. But every time he got his mobile switched off. All Family members were unaware, what is exactly going on.

Until Hudkeshwar Police inform him that they have lost their son and a gem rider.

What exactly happens at night, nobody knows. His helmet was equipped with a camera and recording the journey. Police is trying to find any clue or angle from camera recording.

Fatigue may be a reason for this mishap, but until everything comes into the light, nothing should say or state.

How big loss is this, we can’t even imagine. Only his family member can feel it, every corner of the house is filled with his memories. What his friends are feeling now? It’s just panic and so panic.

‘That Apache Guy’ is the name of YouTube channel where he was used to uploading all his videos. You can feel there his passion and dedication for riding.

We only wish to GOD, Please give his family lots and lots of courage to overcome from this loss. We all are with them in this worst time.