Royal Enfield bikes are the best in India to modify as per desire, even a new born baby knows it. But words like professionals and veterans are uses for some best of battlefield. At the end of article you´ĺl must say RAVEN Customs are really professional and one of the best bike customisation workshop in India. At present time they are not as much popular as ´Rajputana Customs´ for sure, but they can. They have that much of potential, passion, qualification and most important one dedication.

Why I´m that much confident on these guys? Because of…


Yes, this is the product, which impress me most. Have a look first on this, then we will talk more on RAVE 01 and its makers.

raven 01

Isn´t it look pretty? It will definitely work as head turner on highway. Originally this was Royal Enfield 350 Thunderbird. Except engine and frame every part approx. custom made and assembled. It was really a challenge to make a complete different product on the same base frame of Thunderbird. But you can´t make your mark until you accept and win challenges , RAVENs have done the same.

First, I would like to introduce you with the mind behind RAVEN Customs and their qualification. It will help you to understand how this bike finally built.

Face Behind Brand

An article of reveals 2 identity behind this brand. These were

Ajay Kandre (BTech, Mechanical)
Ph: 0951 027 5464

Ajay Kandre is a Mechanical Engineer, but he is using his Mechanical skills to transforms bikes into dream bikes. Sometimes it good to be a fan of any brand, but some are not satisfied with any brand completely. There custom shops comes into scene and try to fulfil the gap. Ajay was a bike enthusiast too from his childhood days but he observed bikes in different perspective. He finds out the possibility and margin to improve the performance and looks of the bike, now he is following his passion and doing the same.

Deepak P (MDes, Automobile Design, NID Ahmedabad)
Ph: 0962 055 2350

The first thing which you´ll notice in their product is ´Unique Look´. All modified bikes under the roof of RAVEN get their shape by Mr. Deepak. Master in Automobile Designing, can explain his ability. If there is some doubt remain then I tell you, he got his Master´s certificate from NID Ahemdabad. Who doesn´t understand, why NID stands for? Believe me it will only waste of time and words to explain the full form of NID to them. In short…. A special touch in look and feel in RAVEN´s bike is just because of this creative mind.

One more important name which was not mentioned their is:

Anupam Singha (MDes, Photography, Ahemdabad)
Contact at:

Another brilliant mind from NID, Ahemdabad. This time Master in Photography. Are you thinking, why I´m telling him an important p[art of RAVEN´s? Just because of marketing. Marketing is very important and integral part of any business. Anupam Singha and his digital photography and graphics skills helps them to establish their brand more strongly.

RAVEN 01 Specs, customization and a virtual glance

As you know previously it was Thunderbird 350, so it is equipped with 350cc Royal Enfield Engine, which produces 19.80 bhp of maximum power and 28 Nm of max. torque. They converted in into beautiful 1 seater bike with imported wide tyre then stock. They change it´s exhaust to change or in other word to make more pleasent and attraction grabber.

RAVENs design it on CAD software first by using the MDes. skills and then Ajay uses his mechanical skills to pull the product out of computer screen.

One large scale change except look is, its power transmission system. Royal Enfield make their Thunderbird on chain drive system, but this time bike was in very creative hands, so make RAVEN 01 on belt drive.

raven belt drive

Modifiers use stock suspension at the front but custom made handle bar and rear suspension is replaced by mono shock suspension. Which is able to hold the new bike structure more practically and give the sportier effect at the time of riding. it will help to make this more agile too. Disc brakes give this structure better braking experience and the thing which grab your attention at the first sight is ´Headlights´. They uses a special shape LED headlight to make it able for a product, which can be called as ¨Love at first sight¨ product.

RAVEN Custom Motorcycles are working very hard and they already rolled out their new product RAVEN 2.0. We´ve been provided you the contact details, in case if you too want a customized bike. Now we are leaving you with some of pics of their creations..