Royal Enfield, the British Motorcycle maker is one of the top sellers in India. Even a single street in India is not untouched by its bikes. Many famous models like Enfield 350, Redditch, Thunderbird are some of the most famous models by the manufacturer.

A year ago this brand was unaware from market competition. But now the scenario is changed and Bajaj already challenges the Royal Enfield very openly with Dominar.

Dominar is not performing nowadays as per Bajaj Expectation, but we can’t say consumer doesn’t accept this. This bike is also taken very seriously by Indian 2-Wheeler market as like Bajaj’s other bikes. Pulsar Range is already leading the market in sports bike section and Dominar is introduced for touring section. This was the first instalment in this special and most beloved bike section, and we are hoping for more in next instalment.

Bajaj Techniques vs Royal Enfield

But, Bajaj does not want to leave any of selling technique to use for their Dominar. We all know Bajaj have very powerful Distributing and Marketing channels in Indian Market, which helps KTM too for their establishment in Indian Market.

Bajaj is facing difficulties in the sale for dominar from its first days. Pulsar lovers have no reason to move on Dominar and Bajaj continuously try to represent it as an alternative of Royal Enfield.

The “Haathi Mat Paalo” ad recently create a bit controversy and hurts a lot of Royal Enfield Fanboys. Many Fanboys from different corners of country made the custom ad for their satisfaction and tried to turn down the Bajaj and Dominar. It was quite funny and healthy competition for fans but headache for Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield looks helpless in-front of Bajaj Marketing Campaign from its first days. RE fans defend their favourite brand by arguing like Royal Enfield doesn’t need of marketing and waste bucks on the advertisement, they can spend those on development. But the truth is that approx many of marketing campaign proves very lightweight in comparison with Bajaj Marketing Campaign.

Royal Enfield Introducing new Colors and Features in India

If Dominar were pipeline till now, then it could not become into reality. New Gun metal colors, Redditch were untouched in India if Dominar wasn’t launch to compete. Some really cool features, which were categorized as only waste feature in bikes by RE, like Disc Brakes and a different chassis frame for different bikes. After the launch of Dominar they have to include these “Waste Feature” and highlight these as their new improvement.

Public Welcomes Royal Enfield’s New Improvement

Royal Enfield Comes late into aggression but their loyal customers was aggressive by blood. Their new Red-ditch edition mark a totally new mark in sales chart and record waiting time. Public is ready to wait for their piece of beauty for even 4 months. What else could show the more loyalty then these.

In countries like India, you can find community of Royal Enfield Riders in every corner. You can generally find the Riders to crack the ‘Leh’ with their favorite version of bike. Some  bikes and their colors are really cool and nobody can deny to appreciate the beauty.

Another and Ugly Side of 2-Wheeler Market

Rider’s loyalty are not questionable about Royal Enfield but are they approaching toward the best marketing technique. This is questionable. Yes, Dominar is not performing as per expectation but this is also truth that ‘Dominar’ is not a failure by Bajaj. If anyone want a bike in range of 1.60 to 1.70 Lakh and not a biggest fan of RE, than he will prefer to buy the Dominar.

Only this section is not lead from front by Bajaj in India, and only opponent is RE. There are some more but they are not noticeable enough. Bajaj will do everything to win this competition and they are doing by marketing and advertising. I must say some great project is surely under pipeline to compete RE, and that will totally differ from Dominar. This time Bajaj will not give an easy chance to deny or spoof them.

Bajaj vs - Autoretina

Bajaj vs Others (excluded:- Royal Enfield)

No one is even near enough, if we will talk in terms of marketing and advertising. Bajaj providing their customer value for money and lots of cool features with very affordable price range. At the same market some  international giants are also struggling to compete the Indian Manufacturer. Like Yamaha and Honda, Suzuki have to travel a long way to come into competition.

Yamaha is locking deal only with the help of their International Image and some bikes. Some bikes of Yamaha are really performing remarkable, like FZ but some of their product even lots of improvement are failed in market, Like Fazer. Honda is stealing some low-budget bikes percentage with Shine and Yuva, but as per my perception Honda is only harming the market of past giant ‘Hero’.

I really don’t think Shine and Yuva can convince the Pulsars fans, but ye these bikes can convince the customers of Passion Pro and Glamour. I personally like Honda Hornet with great power and value for money. Hornet is really good product and you can compare that with Pulsar 150. But only with Pulsar 150 not with 180, 220 or RS 200. Alternatives of these bike in Honda are very expensive and that’s why they are cooling down in Showrooms.

Hero Marketing Strategy

Please, Even Don’t talk about that. They are even unable to defend the current production bikes. In their latest TV ad they are trying to connect with the customers emotionally, what they are trying form last 1 century. Every 90’s kid must have remember that tagline “Desh ki Dhadkan…Dhak…..Dhak”.

But today Bajaj is the leader and these kind of emotional cards will not work on consumers, Bajaj knew this very effectively. Nowadays consumers are really intelligent and they know about machines very much then 2 decades ago. You can’t hack their mind by emotional card and  sale your product, you have to show your product much better then other available options in market.

Like Bajaj, this Indian manufacturer grab the market percentage very smartly and starting lead the market segment-by-segment.  In starting days of competition by Bajaj perspective, Bajaj was only known for cheap and low quality bike at very low budget. Then they launch first Indian bike with sports DNA ‘Pulsar’. Yes, Sports DNA, because it was not totally sports bike, and everyone know, it BOOM the market. Then they replace the most favorite ‘Splendor’ with the ‘Discover’. And they did it very effectively, Hero tried very much, they continuously upgrade their Splendor in Super Splendor and in some other variant, but that all was very light weighted competition in front of Bajaj’s very Strong Strategy.

Conclusion of this Long Article

Nowadays will anyone even think about to buy a ‘Splendor’? very hardly. Now a days people would love to buy the KTMs, Pulsars or Apaches. If buyer is not that much excited or bit aged then their first priority will be Honda Shine, Youva, Unicorn or TVS Sports. No one think about Hero. Glamour is the only model for which some excitement remain in consumers.

OK folks, This was Prashant Kumar signing off and please let me know what do you think about today’s market competition and really “Is Hero anywhere in competition?”

Please share your views in comments, I would love to read your suggestions and provide appropriate reply.