Indian car consumer are SUVs lovers and this is not a secret anymore. Tata Motors already have a good reputation in making the best performing SUV like Tata Safari. Tata Harrier is also launched in recent days to makes their presence more stronger in the Indian market. Tata Hornbill is expected to be the younger and micro sibling of Harrier.

Tata Hornbill Launch Date

Tata Hornbill is far away from its launching and it is expected to have the first concept look at Geneva Motor Show, France. If this is true, and if we would able to have its first glance at Geneva Motor Show, 2019, then it may available worldwide to book by 2020.

Tata Hornbill can be seen in market early too, because after the Tata Safari, this manufacturer didn’t see a success in SUV and they will have to answer of Mahindra Scorpio or Toyota Fortuner(in premium class). So now this Indian Automobile giant focus in the Micro SUV segment and will launch its concept version in the France, Geneva Motor Show 2019.

Tata Hornbill Price and Competitor

We are expecting this micro SUV to compete with some other micro SUVs like Mahindra KUV 100 and Maruti Ignis. So, the price will also be in the range of these cars. But as per the Tata’s previous record, it always provide the more value, more premium quality and flexible buying option.

As per now we can expect that this micro SUV will be under 10 lakhs and at least some of its starting varients will be under this price range. Hyundai is also slated to launch some of their conceptĀ  version of micro SUV in Indian 4-wheeler market by 2022 or 2023.

Tata Hornbill Features

Tata Motors always use to provide the most possible features in their cars, unlike Maruti Suzuki. Tata Hornbill also will consist all the major features of the SUV of their price range on their launching time. Tata will even gives their consumers bit more then expectation.

So, we can expect Dual airbags, ABS with EBD and Corner Stability Program, Full LED headlamps and tail lamps. Rear defoggers, parking camera and sensors are also expected to be as a feature of Tata Hornbill.

What to Expect in Geneva Motor Show 2019 by Tata Motors

As per different- different reports, it is expected that 5 products will be reveal by Tata Motors in this International Motor Show 2019. Which of the products those will and when they will avail in the market to book or pre-book is yet to find out. We will always keep you updated with the latest news and reports, please be stay with us.

AS per one report, this is also said that the hatchback concept ’45X’ and Tata Hornbill will share the same frame. But Tata Hornbill will have 50mm shorter wheelbase.

Wanna know more about this Tata Hornbill? Stay with us and we will update you about this when it will reveal in the Geneva Motor Show 2019.