Do you remember anything special about 22nd March 2009? It is simply a date when Ratan Tata announce the world’s most economic and low-cost car ‘Tata Nano’. Tata Nano was not just a project of Tata Motors. It was actually a dream of Ratan Tata to provide everyone a car for their family, give them a car who hadn’t any option to travel with family on their scooter or motorcycle. Tata Nano was just a reflex of a great dream, power of superior engineering and commitment of a great personality.


This project was more tedious than it sounds, the very first difficulty was its designing that how to design a car which should be eye catchy, maintain low cost and perform up to the mark. Expectation was of high demand so a new plant establishment was also required.  Meanwhile, Tata Motors faces a major problem due to land of Tata Nano production plant in Singur, West Bengal. That case is now pending in Supreme Court. In September Tata had to move their plant to Sanand, Gujarat. This Automaker invested approx.  4000 cr INR on this project and now it was the time to start monetization.

When this dream project was starting and when it comes to existence, these two-time period was different. Price for raw material was approx. 2 times from then but Tata Motors got success to launch this car at 1 Lakh INR ex. Factory price. Ratan Tata said in Launching event “Afterall Promise is Promise.”


Just after launching Nano receives a lot of attention but its selling figures were not as expectation, Tata Motors try hard to upscale it’s selling figures but unfortunately can’t get success. Now this time the situation is that Sanand Plant only produces 10% car of its capacity.

Now, the question arises:-

“Should Tata stop the Production of Nano?”

“Was it a Bad car?”

“Why people not opt this to Buy?”

I think this discussion should start with the reason “Why this car was built?” This car was built for the Indian public who can’t afford cars. This was the basic reason behind the concept of Nano, then why people compare it with the cars of its size? You can’t compare it with Hyundai i10 or any other small car. Nano cost much cheaper than all other cars of this segment. This is very normal in India

This is very normal in India now-a-days to see 4 people on a bike or scooter, then why they are not switching to Nano, even after it comes on lower and attractive EMIs. Is Nano not safer than a Motorcycle or scooter? Isn’t it enough to keep safe the driver and passengers in rainy seasons or at the time of accident in comparison with any bike? Yes, this is

Yes, this is reality that in India people decides your status by your car too. But Nano wasn’t designed and build for the people who have already earned a good economical positon in their societies. Because everyone knows that this is the cheapest car in the world, that’s why some hesitate to own it, “what people will say?”

Now comes to 2nd point “Is it a Bad car?”

I don’t think so. Is there any other car at this price level, with this much feature? I really don’t think it’s a bad option. Tata Nano equipped with 624 cc engine, which can produce 37.5 BHP power. Power steering, AC, Brake assist, central lock. These features and enough power packed specification makes it a good car.

Now, the final question is:-

Should TATA stop the production of Tata Nano?”

According to Tata motors, poor sales figures of Nano is the main reason behind the huge loss. Tata has already revealed Tata Tiago, which shows good response and figure. Approx. from the same segment and features, but more appealing look. More aggressive and matured advertisement strategy also help to boost the popularity of this car.

A huge loss may be the reason behind this Idea to stop the production for Nano, but Tata Nano wasn’t a bad car at all for its price range. Possibly Tiago will replace it, but Nano wasn’t only a car. It was a dream, for millions of people. Nano is a masterpiece of engineering, which is just design to provide them a car, who can’t afford a car.

According to me It’s Important to stop the production to cover up the financial loss, but it wasn’t a bad car. Something was not proper, it could be marketing strategy, dealership chain, long waiting time at the start or anything.

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