Tata Motors have been evolve Jaguar and Land rover so much and one more development installment is planned for FY24. Tata Motors investment in Jaguar and Land Rover is 13.5 billion euro will hike them in technical and capacity enhancement.

Tata Motors owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plans significant investments of 13.5 billion (approximately INR 1.2 lakh crore). This investment is going to be distributed over an interval of three decades and you will be geared at launching of new services, enhanced technological progress and capacity addition.

Tata Motors investment will use to add products in line-up

JLR currently includes a portfolio of 12 products that will be consumed to 16 with the four new models being proposed while the provider is also targeting 99 various product activities by FY24.


First investment of # 4.5 billion during FY19-FY21 would be inclined to improve company turnover by 12 — 13 percent. Substantial electrification plans are on the cards alongside the maturation of a brand new platform modular longitudinal architecture (MLA).

By 2025, the organization is also likely an ICE — Internal combustion engine, BEV — Battery electric vehicle and PHEV — plug in hybrid vehicle. Of the entire financial commitment decision, 51% is going to be led at fresh services while 27% is going to be used on capacity and other pursuits. Electrification of vehicles will control 13 percent of overall investment combined with 9% being steered towards brand new power train option.

Earlier Tata Motors investment  in Jaguar Land Rover

This new line of Tata Motors investment plan follows the prosperous investment done over FY11 to FY18 wherein the business spent #20 billion too in new manufacturing development, advanced technology and capacity enhancements.


The four brand new services being proposed include the I-PACE and new Defender along with two more EVs and upgrades of existing models or new variants of older models. Product actions will also be enhanced to 38 from FY21 and thereon into 42 by FY24. With all these investments, JPR intends to stay ahead of Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW at the development of electric automobile.