Yes, West Bengal state transport department had made a strict announcement cum warning to the automobile dealers.

According to this circular, two-wheeler distributors will found guilty, and their trade licence will be cancelled if any two-wheeler will sold to anyone without a driving licence.

Yes, it directly means you can’t buy a bike if you don’t have a driving licence. Not even for your son or your younger brother.

We all know about the paper works and formalities at the time of buying a bike or financing it.
Same happened what we thought. Sales got down by 70%.

Previously, cumulative sales figure was of 100,000 bikes per month. But after the circular, manufacturers and dealers have seen a tremendous downfall in sales and growth.

State transport department implements this under their “Safe Life, save drive” initiative.

Now the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers filed a petition against this circular in Calcutta High Court on Friday, and called it an “illegal notice.”

Society is challenging this circular and state that “as it is contrary to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Justice Harish Tandon admitted the petition, and it will come up for hearing on Tuesday. On behalf of two-wheeler dealers in the state, Pratap Chatterjee moved the court and requested they be added as a party. And the court granted it.
And the advocate-general Abhratosh Majumdar stated that manufacturers didn’t have the right to go into court with such petition.