Pulsar 200 NS launched in its new avatar, many bike enthusiasts were very excited for this. I think 90% of them are disappointed because of no any new feature.

Anyway, now it has a new price tag of approx. 1.10 Lakh (On-road). Now the question arises “Is it worth to buy this?”. When Bajaj decided to stop its old variant production, then there was a bit less competition, but now race is not that easy.

We will go through every aspect of bike and try to find out its position in Competition.

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New Pulsar 200 NS looks

2017 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

This will not fare to question its look. Most of Pulsar 200 NS fans was aware from its looks. Before launching lots of pictures was leaked on internet and official is not even far different from them.

“Is this eye Pleasing?”

It totally depends upon your choice. New Pulsar 200 Ns launched in three color scheme and Yes have a better road appearance than before.

What’s new in Looks?

Not much but there are some changes like:

  • New color schemes with matt black combination.
  • ‘200’ is written on matt black part, just down the fuel tank.
  • You can easily recognize new NS 200 by underbelly pan.
  • There is a colored strip on the wheels.
  • AHO (Always/Automatic headlight ON)
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Overall, there is no big change. According to me, its new look is a bit more impressive but there is no any improvement for its old look haters.

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2017 Pulsar 200 NS Engine and Technical Specification

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

Pulsar 200 NS Engine (Image Source: Gaadiwaadi.com)

Engine is same as before but now this time its BS IV compliant, and bit more refined. Engine refinement can feel just with the ignition. In no time you’ll able to understand  that new exhaust sound is much ear pleasing than older one.

Engine is still carburetted, everyone was hoping for FI (Fuel injected) at least, but shockingly NO.

In terms of power and torque, figures are same and throttle response is also same here. But due to strict emission norms this engine is BS IV compliant and this is the main reason behind more pleasing exhaust sound of NS 200.

In short nothing is new here except BS IV compliance. And that’s the main reason of refinement and exhaust.

Pulsar 200 NS Console

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

200NS 2017 console (Image Source: Gaadiwaadi.com)

Some fast noticeable changes like LCD back-light color is changed to Blue from Orange. Headlamp ON/OFF switch is missing (Obviously, whats the use in AHO).

No other changes, same digital analog instrument console with basic information. No gear indicator, with 3 trip meter and no record of top speed like Apache RTR 200.

This is the area where Bajaj could do lot of improvement and provides another useful information. But Bajaj decided to stick with the old one.

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New NS 200 Breaking Performance

Brakes are also same, which are really frustrating, NO ABS. ABS was highly expected and no other bikes have ABS now in its competition. It would be a huge plus point but NO.

There is regular disc brakes as before.

Apache 200 4V announced with ABS but after 1 year of launching neither we see ABS nor FI variant.

Ride Quality

Same as before, stiffer side and not as comfortable as Apache RTR 200. Suspensions hold good but not very supported on corners. In terms of ride quality 220F and Apache is lot better than Pulsar 200 NS.


Bajaj Pulsar NS 200-autoretina

2017 NS Headlamp (Image Source: Gaadiwaadi.com)

Pulsar 200 NS is not as expected but better then older version. Looks aggressive, street bike type throttle response and powerful.

Our discussion was is it worth to buy?

Yes, it cost bit more than Apache RTR 200 but after 1 year of ownership there are some problems of Apache comes into light.

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Old bike customers are very satisfied with their bikes and hopefully, new customers will too. Both are carbureted but Apache problems will really frustrate for their owners.