Yamaha Fazer 25 launched in India, It was spying in the different corner of the country for a long time but now finally FZ25 based new Fazer 25 Launched in India. Obviously, it is updated and has more cool looks in comparison with the older one. Yamaha is rapidly their pattern for Indian bikes, after all, they are giant in Motorcycling Industry and in any case, they would not love to lose their market percentage just cause of outdated designs.

1st Question’s Answer About Yamaha Fazer 25

Price1.28 Lakh (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)
Mileage30 kmpl (expected)

Older Yamaha Fazer was not even able to match the selling figures of other Yamaha Bikes. We already have been seen the update in Yamaha Fazer and undoubtedly it gains some attention and orders too. But it was not up to the mark kind of performance like other bikes. Yamaha FZ and R15 was the bike which makes this brand familiar to every Indian Family and revolutionizes the mid-range priced bike segment.

Let me very correct, Bajaj Pulsar and Yamaha R15 and FZ are the bikes which give us the reason to see above the Hero Honda Splendor. Otherwise, we were going to habituate to use the word ‘Hero Honda’ instead of Motorcycle.

Yamaha Fazer 25 is based on the chassis of Yamaha FZ 25, which is also not becoming very popular in India but yes performs well than older Fazer.

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Now comes on latest launched Yamaha Fazer 25 and have a glance on its features and specifications.

How New Fazer 25 Looks

I think some photos from launching event will answer this question more precisely. Have a look at these first:


yamaha-fazer 25-Autoretina

As you can see in photos, Yamaha give this bike a look like the beast. This looks try to show its capability and power. We can’t state anything about its agility, but as per the other bikes of Yamaha, it should be agile good enough. But in the last launch of Yamaha of FZ 25, manufacturer claims tremendous agility for that bike and because this Fazer 25 is based on the same series. So, we can hope for that much of agility and street performance.

That bike was introduced as the ‘Bike for College-Going Guys’, but here we have a different story. Fazer 25 has hardcore muscular and sporty look, as per look we can compromise a bit in agility and cornering but hoping for very fast acceleration, fast on drag, and long range. Now it all can reveal only after a test drive, which we will write after some days.

It’s Time to Explore the Engine of New Fazer 25

Nobody on this planet will question on engine and engine quality of Yamaha. If you have some curiosity and questions about the specification of Fazer 25, then please let us clear the specifications first.

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First of all, you all should be very clear that it shares the same engine of FZ 25 in India. Yes, the same engine which is using by FZ 25 in India.

Some main features of this engine you already know like, fuel-injected, 6-speed manual Transmission and air-cooling. In Fazer 25 it will produce the peak power of 20.9 PS/ 8000 rpm. And in terms of torques, it can produce the maximum of 20 Nm at 6000 rpm.

Color Options for Fazer 25

This Beast is now available to book in 2 colors. Gray and Cyan Combination and the other color is a combination of Gray and Red Color.

yamaha-fazer 25-Autoretina

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Make Space in this Tight Segment will not Easy

This Segment (200-300) was quite free of competition some months ago but now, this segment is very tight. Some Months ago only some premium bikes was an option but nowadays scenario is changed totally. Kawasaki Ninja 300, Benelli TNT 300, RC 200 and RS 200 kind of bikes are some premium options in this segment but in last few months launching of some new bikes like Duke 250, New Ḍuke 200 and Next months scheduled launch of Apache RR 310 (Akula) are some very famous bikes which are very strong contender for Fazer 25. Many More bikes are also in this segment but they belong to the different segment. They could be categorized as daily commuting bikes.

Yamaha can’t  make this an eye familiar bike in India without some really new and mind-blowing marketing Technique. Otẖerwise Yamaha should be ready for the worst result than the older Fazer.

It will Interesting to see how this bike will perform in Indian Market and what kind of marketing and distributing Technique Yamaha will use to improve its older graph.

Please Don’t forget to share your views and suggestion about this bike in the comment section. Thanking You!